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Example sentences for gauche

Some will find it gauche; others will enjoy its boldness.
He laughs and talks while serving, and is as gauche as possible.
And when you receive a business card, it's gauche to write on the back of it.
Be gauche and put it in the cover letter.
Accordingly, from the French, one is considered “gauche” or “maladroit” when exhibiting clumsiness.
We chickened out at the front counter, terrified of appearing gauche.
There is something endearingly gauche about the new millionaires.
Certainly an awkward, socially gauche one.
In part this is just the desire of a slightly gauche place to appear hip.
Don't raise your voice; brash Westerners are apt to be perceived as intimidating and gauche.
It is not that gauche happenings are serious offenses, no matter how awkward the incident.
In my social science discipline, this is also considered gauche.
He would have thought better of me for laughing at his sputtering reckless slobbering, his gauche eager tremors.
The need to strike an instant intimacy seems gauche and sad.
The tone implied that this group considered few human frailties truly gauche, but going to sleep was surely one of them.
The embellishment must never be heavy-handed, never gauche, never overdone.
Bed and breakfasts are a decent idea, but corporate sponsorship is a bit gauche.
His shirt, with two gauche plastic pens peeking from the pocket, is too capacious to be custom.
The author delights in mimicking the gauche naivete of folk narrative.
Her looks are far from arresting, her manners are slightly gauche and her way with a gag line is painful.
It's called the hug drug because it engenders gooey, rather gauche expressions of empathy from users.
Of all the ways someone can utilize their wealth, totaling a car seems to be a particularly gauche one.
Even among our gauche crew, publicly celebrating your nine-digit haul was considered over the top.

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