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And the array of condiments gathered on a tray are party decorations in themselves.
These he now published, after waiting some years to see if there were more to be gathered in.
As water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again.
Next morning she went out and gathered starwort and began to sew.
Solar ovens retain heat from the sun and focus it in a container that holds the food and traps the gathered heat.
Then she gathered together the money into this, and was rich all the days of her life.
Even gathered together, though, they would be smaller than our moon.
If all the asteroids were gathered together, though, they would form an object less than the size of our moon.
But the next day the storm gathered steam and drew a bead on the city.
He joins a group of volunteers-fishermen, shopkeepers, and taxi drivers-gathered around tables under the restaurant awning.
On a hillside a half-mile away, saddened mourners and stunned citizens have gathered daily for three months.
The team gathered information about how the animals' foraging habits correlated with the weather.
There was something amazingly human about the fact that he tried to do this thing that gathered this awful momentum.
His head is shaved on top, with the hair on the sides and back gathered up into a dandyish topknot.
Have students create booklets with writing and pictures, or skits using the information they have gathered in this lesson.
The same gear also gathered data on air pressure and humidity, but those factors had little effect on infrasound transmission.
He and his siblings gathered in the upstairs bedroom of their house, avidly following their favorite serials.
When the unnerved scientists gathered the fragments, they noticed that the bone now revealed the inner ear.
As more people participate and more information is gathered, the resolution of the maps will improve.
These will combine instruments carried on buoys and moorings with data gathered by ships, sea gliders and submersibles.
The team gathered data on both the television viewing habits and behavior of the subjects as they aged.
The whole family gathered round her as she opened the sealed envelope.
Perhaps specific question could have been answered if he decided to use that information he gathered.
The leaves and twigs are gathered by the inhabitants and bartered for corn, bushel for bushel.
Meier and his team gathered the research through a series of small studies.
That's the message military and national security experts gathered here want to send to climate scientists.
Supporters and journalists who gathered outside the police station were beaten again.
Its shoots are gathered daily, packed in bags or wrapped in leaves and carried by lorry to noontime markets.
And the information, once gathered, will be militarily sensitive.
The trend has gathered strength quickly, mostly because of concern about the nation's expanding waistlines.
But in the aftermath of the crisis, industrial policy has gathered some vocal champions.
Despite poor battery life, the phone has gathered positive reviews.
Beyond the mouth of the bay he could see rising plumes, the spouts of humpback whales gathered to breed.
We've gathered here some of the best cloud formations to see from above.
The room grew unbearably hot as researchers gathered to discuss the moral development of students.
All the necessary tools and equipment are gathered and made ready for the chef.
So he gathered the village's leaders together and began to devise a plan to build a library.
As my life gathered speed, the ponderous skills of contemplation that won me a doctorate lost their utility.
The crowd of thousands had gathered outside the university to seek admission.
The sun started to set as my guests gathered around an outside table.
My colleagues gathered skeptically to taste and comment.
Right this way to the balcony, the gourmet's paradise, where rare foods are gathered from all over the world.
On top of all this, the fruits of the season were gathered by the children and added to the menu.
She went back to the restaurant, gathered every book about food she had, and sent them to him.
Everyone gathered round his canoe as he navigated toward camp with his left hand and held up his prize with his right.
The material might have worked onstage, where its silliness could have gathered speed and style.
By the glow of a small carbide lamp one could distinguish a dozen human figures gathered around three or four tables.
His grandchildren gathered around him on a leather sofa.
By five-fifty-nine, almost sixty people had gathered in the hallway.
Describes how information about gang activity was gathered and organized by the team.
Tonight, residents have gathered in the adjoining car park, with a merry but apprehensive air.
The same night, across town, another group of wives had gathered.
The charges were based on evidence gathered over a period of months by four undercover agents.
In the old days, idle fellows gathered in barbershops to exchange the latest news, and lute and viol were played.
For years locals gathered and sold these earthworms with little federal interference.
Milk thistles were also gathered as was the blessed thistle.
The soldiers gathered in the cavelike meeting area where they ate meals and prepared for patrols.
Gathered around him, a handful of architects watched.
But as information is gathered and collated, it is possible to present an interesting summary of this great effort of nature.
She stood and gathered up the plates and silverware.
Gathered here are images from these celebrations last night, and the many people who took part.
The elders gathered on a patch of plastered ground between the adobe houses, accompanied by gawking children.
The table of this house groaned under the blood-bought luxuries gathered with pains-taking care at home and abroad.
What's more, it was a local entrepreneur who gathered the fuel and sold the power to local villagers.
Such images have already been gathered by several different mapping companies for many roads around the world.
The targets are gathered from security companies, law enforcement, and even actual users who report suspicious links.
On the bridge above me, thousands of people had gathered to watch, standing on railings and shoulders.
The same information can be gathered from an underground test witnessed only by mechanical devices.
He then laid out evidence he had gathered supporting the murdered mayor's allegations.
At best, it's a congeries of local groups, often six people gathered in a living room.
Decades ago, millions of families gathered in their living rooms to hear a president's fireside chats.
Of the twenty pieces gathered together here, every one is written in the code of realism.
As the captain who had carried out the operation began describing it, some residents from the neighborhood gathered around.
Thus, the fact that some e-mails and other data was seen in the product of the sheer volume of data gathered.
At one zoo, an entire baboon troop gathered on top of their rock, all staring in exactly the same direction.
The staff had gathered in a knot at the door, terror on their faces.
It was a sweet idea, and we've done it many times since, when we're all gathered.
When two heads of enemy tribes gathered and the other wavered, at that time was dead.
Nothing new had happened, but everybody was gathered around salivating.
Apparently, the arsenal had been gathered together for the express purpose of being used against civilians.
Ideas may change as swiftly as new data are gathered.
On a still larger scale, clusters of galaxies are gathered into vast superclusters.
The table filled up and a throng of spectators gathered.
The movement to preserve the valley's architectural wonders has gathered momentum ever since.
She had organized this evening with her usual attention to detail, and had seen to it that al the proper players gathered.
We moved forward as well, arriving at a mud fortress where troops had gathered for the next wave of attacks.
By the time he returned, other fighters had gathered nearby and were obviously demoralized.
The jag lawyers gathered in a small conference room.
Gathered information includes the basics of the topic and an in-depth study of the topic.
The training materials and props presented in this program have been gathered from a variety of sources.
After the materials are gathered, they are prepared and then fashioned into a lei.

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