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Insider trading is tough to prove, and it can take years to gather enough evidence to bring charges.
Tilt the controller to gather flower petals and bring color back to a dreary landscape and a sinister-looking city.
In a cacao harvest, workers gather ripe pods and extract the bean-laden pulp by hand.
Clustering is the phenomenon whereby firms from the same industry gather together in close proximity.
All around the world, kite fans gather at festivals.
Stand above the pools, and the fish will gather below, waiting.
But at night, the deceased's companions would gather to mourn.
Gather beautiful individual leaves during a walk in the country or neighborhood.
Gather cuttings early in the day, when plants are fresh and full of moisture.
First, have students work in their teams to gather basic information about coral reefs.
Millions of photoreceptor cells residing in the human retina gather light and transmit signals to the brain.
Gather your flower bulbs as soon as they become available in nurseries.
When starting, to gather and eat mushrooms, stick to a few easily identified species.
But they also needed more bedrooms, as well as space to play and gather as a family.
They gather in large groups, and you can't miss hearing their loud calls.
Gather enough estimates and the wild guesses cancel each other out, bringing you closer to the answer.
She'd taught him how to recognize crocodiles and gather food before he drove her from the island.
Visit a farmers' market in your area to gather the tastiest spoils of the season.
His party has even set up a second-opinion website to gather all the anti-reform developments in one place.
Markets may be permanent structures or general areas where people gather to sell goods.
Geese don't need to be controlled unless you live where they gather.
After you have collected clippings of the leaves you wish to use, gather stems into bunches of four or five.
In between sessions, all gather for discussions on cushions in side tents.
The safest course is to gather material only from private land with permission.
Gather experiences from life and media to form the narrative.
He also plays at ragtime festivals, and gives concerts almost anywhere lovers of syncopation gather.
Gather magazines, books, and travel brochures which illustrate places all around the world.
The finches lived in an environment where their beak size was sufficient for them to gather food.
Later in the day families gather for a big meal, with extra care going into presentation and serving a variety of special dishes.
Gather as needed by clipping stems all the way to the ground.
They gather around the boxed computer in the center of the room.
Once you've decided which fellowships to apply for, it's time to gather information.
BolĂ­var's dream of a unified region, a place where all nations would gather to form a stronger people, never came to be.
They slink seaward mostly at night to avoid predators, lingering in brackish estuaries to gather strength.
Gather a group of people who have to make things for a living, and the results might be different.
Usually when the creepy crawlers are let loose in a brightly lit area, they gather under the darkest shade they can find.
These animals are social and also gather at various times throughout the year when mating and breeding are not taking place.
Fine particles gather in the areas of lowest gravity, creating patches that look smooth from afar.
Gather the paper around the balloon and secure it with a rubber band.
Ask students that have the same profession to gather in teams and compare their answers.
They should realize that they would first need to gather information about the monk seal and find out why it's in danger.
Millions of people show up after work and gather under the trees for a party.
Each week our correspondents gather to discuss business, finance and economics.
By having their eyes directed to the right place, their brains were able to gather the information they needed.
He isn't sure whether sharks gather there to eat, to mate or for some other reason entirely.
The goal was to gather enough evidence to halt the illicit trade by putting the counterfeiters behind bars.
It is an easy tool that allows my students to gather in cyberspace and interact with one another.
To train orchards-to graft the trees-to gather apples in the fall.
His aim was to gather up the best ideas of his time and put them within reach of the ordinary reader.
They ne'er will gather strength, or find a home again.
He who would gather immortal palms must not be hindered by the name of goodness, but must explore if it be goodness.
The loons had begun to gather on the larger lakes in preparation for their southward flight.
While she posed, the petals in her bouquet trembled, as if getting married took all the nerve she could gather.
Undercover officers pose as construction workers to gather evidence of rooster fighting.
Fur seals may swim by themselves or gather in small groups.
Skiers and snowboarders can head straight downhill to gather speed then veer left or right out of the slide path.
Gather information by interviewing speakers, visiting historic sites, and examining old records and photographs.
Have students gather information about each country.
Space, they say, is the ideal place to gather energy from the sun.
In this season dozens of bears may gather to feast on the fish, craving fats that will sustain them through the long winter ahead.
The community in which you were raised did not gather around the television set every four years for a solid, breathless month.
The more powerful the instrument, the more information it can gather to give context to the images.
Come evening, gather around the fire to dine on enchiladas and watch the play of light and shadow across the canyon.
Instead, officials gather for a daylong conference and discuss how to react to various events presented in a fictional scenario.
The web, however, made it easy to gather more information.
For the red shirts, the balloting provided a now rare opportunity to gather in public and vent anger.
The commission will now be able to carry out surprise inspections, allowing it to gather evidence before it is shredded.
The deposits these operations gather are also handy as a foreign funding base.
They expect visitors mainly to gather information about their offerings and follow up with a phone call.
Some of these people use their influence to form copyright laws, which protect the wealth that society allowed them to gather.
We have senses in order to gather objective information about the world.
Humans as hunters and gathers ate what they could gather and catch.
And it's a time the network to which the deceased was a member to gather and comfort each other.
Gather some regolith from an asteroid into bags for extra shielding at the sides.
They ask kids and adults to pay close attention to what they see and to use their senses to gather interesting data.
There have been instances of microcode being used to gather information via foreign manufactured routers.
They give seniors a place to gather and hold events-to socialize.
He and a sensor operator on his crew watched a crowd gather to ogle the destruction.
Sprinkle baking powder over center of dough, then gather edges of dough and pinch to seal in baking powder.
Everyone makes haste to gather and house the last that the gardens and orchards yield.
There's a reason that crowds gather when a potential jumper appears on a ledge.
The point was to cause mischief, not to gather treats.
He began to think about the best way to gather such data, and he traded ideas with friends and colleagues.
Groups of reporters sometimes gather in these places for small dinner parties over mediocre wine but otherwise exquisite meals.
It was maddening the way the enemy, along with the local population at large, could gather information about us so quickly.
Invite your friends over to gather around the jumbo touch screen.
They could also help gather and instantaneously supply evidence regarding environmental crimes done through shipping.
Nothing available today provides a low-cost, mobile solution that can be used remotely to both gather and transmit images.
Adding spatial data to the information that apps already gather will allow for new forms of data mining.
It doesn't do damage, but rather spies on them to gather information relevant to making future attacks.
Others are using tiny computers to gather information about the world.
She will secretly tape their discussion that night, and will eventually gather countless hours of conversation.
Instead, the beads gather the light and re-focus it, channelling it into a standard microscope.
Their eyeballs, as big across as dinner plates, could gather up even the faintest light coming into the upper layer of the water.
The camera could be internal with say only a small fibre optic cable poking out to gather light.
Fires helped keep the trees healthy, ensured bigger crops, and made it easier to gather the nuts.
If you were not able to gather from this article why this is exciting for astronomers, there's really no help for you here.
Maybe the pruning makes water gather and drop off faster.
She went mainly to gather new data--the work is never truly done--but also to spread the good news.
Excited that he had found an alien ship and deducing that it was headed that way, he went to gather everyone in town.
He might be trying to gather topics for a grand debunking, or he might be planning something else.
It may be better to gather facts before entering any agreements in the week ahead.
Listen to advice from a friend or gather information from primary sources to put your resources to the best use.
Where the clodhoppers gather and kneel and pray to their deity.
Prior to the gather, animal populations were about five times the number of wild horses and two times the number of burros.
Thousands gather to support his campaign against corruption.

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