gasket in a sentence

Example sentences for gasket

If it pulls easily out of place, the seal isn't tight and the gasket should be replaced.
On the back there's a double-latching hatch with a gasket.
Either the gasket was too tight and didn't slide or too loose and leaked.
The gasket was the toughest part to reproduce successfully.
To prove it, he put the valve cover gasket on with bathroom caulking compound and was surprised when the engine burned up.
He seems perpetually on the verge of blowing a gasket.
Add a sill gasket membrane between the slab and bottom plate to provide air sealing.
If gasket materials are not available locally, they can be shipped easily.
Adhesive bonding provided a tighter windshield installation method than earlier rubber gasket designs.
By varying the position of the gasket, water can be channeled over a plate or past it.
The connector shall consist of a rubber gasket, an internal expansion sleeve, and one or more external compression take-up clamps.
The pressure cookers were recalled because of a faulty gasket which allows the pots to be opened while still containing pressure.
Lubricate gasket exterior including lips, pipe ends and housing interiors to prevent pinching the gasket during installation.
Gasket manufacturer will be required to purchase these test pipes.
Keep an extra gasket for your grease trap's lid on site to prevent leaks and odors in the event of a gasket failure.
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