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Today, these gases are used to produce polypropylene, thus drastically reducing atmospheric pollution.
Buying used textbooks not only saves you money, but cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks.
Freshly boiled, because long cooking renders it flat and insipid to taste on account of escape of its atmospheric gases.
Cover with pie-crust in which several incisions have been made that there may be an outlet for escape of steam and gases.
Coal plants, meanwhile, produce almost twice the volume of greenhouse gases as natural-gas plants per unit of energy generated.
Around the city, garbage dumps steam with the combustion of natural gases, and auto yards glow with fires from fuel spills.
And the filaments of the penumbra are actually columns of gases.
Scientists speculate that the tremors coincided with the sideways escape of pent-up gases.
Concrete, the number one construction material, is a major source of climate-warming gases.
The bars are thought to be the product of gravitational density waves that pull gases in toward the galaxy's center.
For example, these gases can be converted into gasoline and diesel for use in municipal fleets of cars and trucks.
Then the poisonous gases flowed swiftly into the mainstream of the ventilation system.
He began by demonstrating the effects of low pressure on the ears and on gases trapped in the nether regions of the body.
The way that scientists see gases is not the way that our eyes see them.
Greenhouse gases are not the only climatically active ingredients that industry, farming and land clearance add to the atmosphere.
Although electric cars may not themselves produce greenhouse gases, generating the electricity they use does.
The transport sector is a principal source of global emissions of greenhouse gases.
The more viscous lava is, the harder it is for gases within it to bubble out, so such lava has an explosive tendency.
So despite a steep tax on nuclear fuel, they are a cheap and reliable source of power that emits almost no greenhouse gases.
The noble gases such as helium remain aloof and unreactive, while the alkali metals can be expected to be silvery and reactive.
The two countries are by far the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases.
And any domestic production of a product offsets the greenhouse gases that transporting the product might produce.
It's high time for greens to unite around the urgent need to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.
Any of these can result from breathing air or other gases under extreme pressure.
Auroras occur when waves of charged particles light up gases in the upper atmosphere.
These can be bought by companies with forestry or other projects that reduce greenhouse gases.
The long-lived greenhouse gases, however, can be considered an external forcing clearly influenced by human action.
Getting a grip on greenhouse gases is daunting but doable.
Human activities--not plants--are the source of the surge in this and other greenhouse gases.
Greenhouse gases have taken much of the blame for rising global surface temperatures over the past century.
The mixing gases contained in the contrail rotate with respect to the ambient air.
As the gases collect, they lose potential energy, which results in an increase in temperature.
Many strategies for reining in greenhouse gases come with substantial health benefits, according to a new study.
We do not know exactly how much greenhouse gases these are producing.
The potentially enormous natural source of greenhouse gases had thus far escaped notice, which experts say is not surprising.
Trees also play a critical role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that fuel global warming.
Turning off the water while you brush your teeth is a simple way to reduce greenhouse gases.
Still, offsetting greenhouse gases from jet travel remains purely voluntary.
We live at the bottom of an invisible ocean called the atmosphere, a layer of gases surrounding our planet.
Human-produced compounds that release chlorine and bromine gases into the stratosphere cause ozone depletion.
We must slow deforestation, which is an additional source of greenhouse gases.
Other greenhouse gases emitted by natural and artificial sources also include methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases.
The implanted lung met the team's goal of exchanging gases for two hours.
Electricity causes the water molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen gases, which bubble out of the solution.
Removing these hot gases also keeps the temperature down, but it has the drawback of interfering with emissions controls.
Climatic change forecasting based on increases in levels of concentrations of gases is utter nonsense and dangerous.
We have opted for simplicity because there are not significant performance reasons to use the other gases.
Growing corn for ethanol may increase greenhouse gases for over a century.
Odd little weather systems, occurring within the larger system, can give rise to tornadoes filled with fire and noxious gases.
The extended exposure to methane gases and gallons of blood donated to mosquitoes, ticks and leeches inspired my tattoo.
At present, atmospheric gases trap enough heat close to the surface to keep things comfortable.
Two, it is primarily greenhouse gases that are causing the warming.
They then measured the gases released when the rocks were heated.
Those gases could be stored and later turned back into electricity in a fuel cell.
Traps hold water to prevent sewer gases from entering the house.
Their extinction may increase pressure on government and industry to dial back greenhouse gases.
No one was home, but he scaled the roof to break a skylight and release the explosive gases building within.
Magma contains dissolved gases that are released into the atmosphere during eruptions.
Gases that trap heat in the atmosphere are often called greenhouse gases.
Gases of interest in air pollution control are usually mixtures of several different compounds.
In the home or on the road, daily activities cause emissions of greenhouse gases.
Gases can move through the landfill surface to the ambient air.

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