gas furnace in a sentence

Example sentences for gas furnace

The new electric unit is much more efficient than my current gas furnace.
Even in the coldest weather, while electric heat pumps may fail to adequately deliver heat, you can rely on a natural gas furnace.
If there is any question whether flood water has reached a gas furnace or boiler, it should be checked by a qualified contractor.
We've all seen the blue flame on top of a gas stove or beneath a gas furnace.
Every fall you should have a qualified technician inspect your gas furnace and appliances.
Replace the gas furnace and air distribution system with a gas boiler with hydronic baseboards and fan coils.
Additional heat is provided by a high-efficiency gas furnace that heats water.
For the past few weeks, my forced-air gas furnace has been on the fritz.
Install solar system with the capability of using either the existing gas furnace or solar to heat the pool.
Packaged air conditioners often include electric heating coils or a natural gas furnace.
Unit shall include a gas furnace, suitable for use with natural gas.
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