gas engine in a sentence

Example sentences for gas engine

The sound of a rolling tires can take the place of an approaching gas engine sound.
With a full charge, you'll go a good mile or so before the gas engine quietly kicks in to help.
You've experimented, but so far, your attempts to replace the gas engine have failed.
The engineering trick has been to eliminate the shudders that accompany the gas engine's awakening.
Then its gas engine kicks in to recharge the battery.
The power threshold gauge shows how close a hybrid vehicle is to switching from electric-only mode to the gas engine.
When you pull up to a stop light in this car, the gas engine shuts off.
The range-extending gas engine is meant to address one of the main drawbacks of electric cars-their limited range on a charge.
These batteries could be partly charged by an onboard gas engine, but also by electricity from a wall socket.
For longer trips or to help with acceleration, a gas engine kicks in.
Including the gas engine is a big part of that-it's meant to address the fear of running out of charge.
Obviously, this mode will greatly increase your mileage, as the car isn't using the gas engine at all.
So it was all the more jarring to hear the gas engine rumble on at unexpected moments.
The gas is collected, filtered, measured and slightly pressurized before being used to fuel the natural gas engine.
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