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Kids go from goo-goo to garrulous one step at a time.
Birds, which had erupted into a garrulous evensong at the first hints of the false twilight, were abruptly silent.
His garrulous, neurotic characters yammer on and on, their logorrhea half the fun (and often taking up more than half the space).
Most of the victims become garrulous, in effect talking themselves to death.
She is the kind of garrulous star witness dear to the hearts of showbiz historians and gossip mongers.
His poetry is garrulous, intellectually incisive and adjectivally rich.
But what the powerful disdain, the bookish and garrulous adore.
So far, suburban commutes seem to have a more garrulous nature as opposed to the purposeful isolation of subway riders.
Nature is garrulous to the point of confusion, let the artist be truly taciturn.
Outgoing, ebullient and garrulous - often like his reviews - he loves restaurants and chefs.
For one thing, extroverts are overrepresented in politics, a profession in which only the garrulous are really comfortable.
Philosophers are a garrulous and argumentative species.
Refugees were difficult to locate, suspicious, or overly garrulous.

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Nature is garrulous to the point of confusion, let the artist be truly taciturn.... more
Such were garrulous and noisy eras, which no longer yield any sound, but the Grecian or silent and melodiou... more
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