garnering in a sentence

Example sentences for garnering

And the wines they make are garnering increasing acclaim.
Perhaps garnering consideration through the ag research community can open opportunity to the audience you seek.
She tried to quit more than once, but then her work started garnering attention at various science fairs.
Name-dropping is an obnoxious and transparent attempt at garnering cheap ego boosts and praise from others.
Other scientists are garnering evidence for the anecdotal claims that fish oils improve cognitive functioning.
There is a rather undue bias toward the comments this film makes and the media attention that it is garnering.
To obfuscate others message and intent as a means of garnering support is disingenuous and becomes racist in it's application.
Ponzi schemes depend on garnering an ever-increasing pool of new investors to pay out returns to prior investors.
Aside from garnering clues about the act, thorough examinations can yield answers about motivation and cause.
Information presented later in this unit will help you look at possible sources for garnering resources.
Interest rate risk sensitivity is garnering attention, given shifts in rates and trends in bank balance sheet information.
In seeking to create or revise deed restrictions in a neighborhood, much of your time will be spent garnering neighbor support.
Hospital readmissions are garnering increased attention as a potential measure of care transition quality.
Performance reporting is not only essential for garnering and maintaining community support, it is often mandated.
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