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Most work in garment factories, seen as the best of a few bad choices.
Patronize garment makers whose clothes do not require dry cleaning.
Another account simply says that the garment and buttons somehow found their way into the hands of a prison guard.
Clips for the garment bag don't accommodate anything but wire hangers.
In total, it's an extraordinarily well-crafted garment.
The garment industry in any case is not inclined to such innovation.
Jeans and tactical pants are the same school of garment.
The tiles are powered by a rechargeable battery that is also incorporated into the garment.
And, with a four figure price tag, the weight of the garment suddenly seemed too much to bear.
The design may vary based on the cut of the fabric in each individual garment.
Information on posture and movement is measured by the stress on sensors built into the garment.
Cut out as many large sections as you can from each garment.
With a practiced flourish worthy of any sleight-of-hand expert, he unfurled the garment and revealed the matchstick, now unbroken.
It's a garment that swaddles the dog and reportedly calms them down.
The materials are suitable to reuse on another garment or recycle into a completely new one.
His foot is swollen and almost as green as his garment.
They had kicked off their shoes and changed into the traditional, loose, ankle-length garment.
Also there's a practical reason: a knit garment stretches more than a woven textile.
It can then be moulded or dried flat and cut and sewn into a garment.
The researchers have so far tested the garment on one patient, who was able to successfully move around a virtual course.
We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.
My slinky sorceress' robe will have a chain mail foundation garment, at minimum.
Many garment factories are run by people who found their first employment in them.
By the time you are close enough to touch this architectural garment, you can tell that a lot of money has been spent.
Its economy is growing, helped by its garment-export industry.
The artisans who make this jacket create the pattern freehand as they guide the garment through a treadle-operated sewing machine.
Others were made to wear a garment that resembled a diaper.
Both its main sources of foreign exchange, workers' remittances and garment exports, are at risk.
Garment-makers cannot find enough workers with even the basic literacy they need.
Computer-controlled dryers and stretchers ensure the garment retains its original size and shape.
The city's industrial areas, once centres of garment-making, are now ghost towns.
Garment exports, the economy's backbone, have plummeted.
The economy, buffeted by a slump in garment exports and tourism because of the war, is perking up.
The economy is doing well, with its booming garment-export business.
Once the garment arrives a buyer may simply decide that, on reflection, it is not quite as becoming as had been hoped.
The sagamore took his opportunity, and having a little hatchet under his garment, therewith knocked him in the head.
Then the humble garment shall put on beauty, and the precious robe shall hide itself as vile.
Virtue is his purple garment, immortality his sceptre, and eternal glory his crown.
His under garment was sackcloth, over which he wore a white coat of sheepskin, with a girdle.
The coat had been purchased to serve as a wedding garment.
If you want a looser fitting garment, please move up in size.
She tried getting work at the garment factories now prospering on the former base.
But there is no evidence anyone is sewing the garment.
If even one linen thread attaches a button onto a wool sweater, the garment should not be worn.
Please click on the links below to find out about the latest trade opportunities in the garment sector.
The batting enlarges the size of the hanger and provides a cushioned support for the garment.
Wear a pressure garment if lymphedema has developed.

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