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Example sentences for garlands

Mourners wearing leaf-garlands kept the coffin company.
All of the holiday events are in full swing, and the city is dressed to the nines in garlands, ornaments and bows.
After arriving at the palace, there are more flower showers and welcoming garlands before the wedding ceremony proper begins.
In the fate of the garlands floating on the stream they read their own.
Ears of oats are inserted in its nostrils and mouth, and it is adorned with garlands of flowers.
Boxwood window wreaths and doorway garlands with gold and lime ribbon.
Wreaths and garlands can not be recycled because of the wire used to shape them.
We wanted to use real and fresh flowers and garlands and fruits, and that's what we've done.
The fort casemates, armed with cannons, were decorated with holiday garlands.
Over each of the four mantels, lush, rich garlands suspended with gold ribbon cascade to the floor.
Many farms also sell fresh wreaths, garlands and greenery to make your home more festive this holiday season.
The flowers are strung on a cord to make long-lasting garlands.
More than one hundred wreaths, garlands and centerpieces made out of natural materials will adorn the restored historic adobe.
At various times visitors can make popcorn garlands or paper holiday ornaments.
The ceiling of the two-story central room displayed a handsome mural of flying cupids and garlands.
Wreaths and garlands can be recycled in your yard debris container only if all frames, wire, tinsel and ornaments are removed.
Wreaths and garlands can be placed in yard debris carts if frames, wires and other non-organic matter removed.
Its garlands of flowers are popular for day and evening.
Consistent with this change, the garlands of the angels appear to support the ribs of the superstructure rather than the canopy.

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The secret breathed within And never spoken, woken By music; the garlands in Her hands no one has seen. She... more
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