garishly in a sentence

Example sentences for garishly

Crowned with a mosque-inspired tower, it is garishly decorated with flowery-tiled columns and busts.
In situ only the pediment figures, garishly painted, were clearly visible from the ground.
Mark views these garishly made-up characters with affection and concern.
But the market is rewarding his often garishly executed work.
Their apoplectic overacting is more than matched by the special effects in which the movie is garishly gift-wrapped.
The gargantuan and garishly opulent hotel is worth a visit.
Tom is a bland, mopey hanger-on whose mediocre original songs flaunt garishly morbid imagery.
Two garishly painted actresses lurk on either side of the stage and occasionally take symbolic action in the play.
The acting, when it is not garishly indulgent, is slack and fuzzy.
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