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Example sentences for garish

Ignore the garish colours and focus instead on the darkest parts of the picture.
Put down that garish sweater and the goofy gag gift.
The licence plates of ordinary people feature a garish five numbers.
The result can be garish or melodramatic.
Within the garish new world of American professional soccer, such incidents are commonplace.
They are garish and plastic, with pink-and-lavender nylon hair.
The cartoonlike illustrations, featuring needle-nosed characters and rather garish colors, are not especially appealing.
The drably colored but busy text and borders that frame each letter, however, accentuate the garish tones of the art.
Just avoid garish scrolling graphics that crash browsers and burn eyeballs.
In this catalogue of imaginary monsters, each is more gooey and garish than the last.
Mammoth does not glamorize the underworld with garish lighting.
Nonetheless, the movie lacks an element of the symbolic or the exuberantly garish.
Certain curators perhaps regard big landscapes as garish.
It is illuminating to view these images now, when tabloid photography has become no less garish and closer to ubiquitous.
In neighbouring countries, the oil boom generated garish consumption and commission billionaires.
The lines between garish kitsch and substantive reality have been annihilated.
Any signal can be aposematic, and it doesn't have to be garish, or even conspicuous.
They were loud, they were garish and we're pretty sure one featured a buffet.
They might be garish or sophisticated, bizarre or comical, technology-heavy or explosive-proof.
Made from rubber, every part is the same shade of whatever garish color you choose.
The plot of the song casts a garish light on the words of that refrain.
Leave loud, garish clothing at home and pack darker colors.
Onstage, ripped stockings, legwarmers and garish colors are encouraged.
The garish glow from the computer was the only light in the room.
Veterans are tormenting rookies in the bullpen by making them carry garish, unmanly backpacks onto the field.
The results is an enormous blob of garish shades of green and yellow.
Surprisingly, the picture is rather convincing, in spite of the cut-and-dried format and garish predictability.
Now the process is on garish display, and it is tempting to avert the eyes.
Gone now are the heavy, garish and outdated interiors.
She has no tolerance for garish, salty, gluey or wiggly.
In the early days, some complained that the unnatural combinations of colorful plants were garish beyond the bounds of good taste.
The colors are bright and garish, and the effect of many of his prints is that of a photo negative, or an infrared photo.
Avoid the use of strong contrasts and garish colors.
Therefore, color choices should not be bright or garish.
Even their costumes are garish, with the males sporting bright yellow eye combs and violet throat sacs on each side of their neck.
People don't want to put up something that is gaudy or garish.
Wallpaper, typically floral but peeling and cracking, makes the rooms a bit garish.
The panel appreciated the artist's ability to use garish colors without compromising beauty.
The building colors should blend in with the other buildings, no garish colors.
And they have more garish, naughty and irreverent song-and-dance routines than you can shake a scepter at.
It is taller, it is garish and it has too many colors.

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