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Example sentences for gape

Any in-shell shellfish that gape open should be discarded.
Faults, however, do not gape open during an earthquake.
Now it could eat fish that were bigger than its gape.
Half complete, the dam is already a local wonder that tourists gape at.
Eye dark, with bright red orbital ring, carmine gape.
Most of them are regarded as fever dreams, or tales invented to make the greenhorn gape.
Sometimes, holes gape where once entire houses stood.
One could only gape at the significance of the event.
There is a kitchen on view for museumgoers to gape at.
But outside the cameras' frame, seats gape empty in the bleachers, even at the climactic moments.
Visitors line the east and west staircases to take pictures or simply gape.
The idea was that crowds lured to gape at the spectacle would want a dog and a soda to go with it.
Though the shells usually gape a bit, they should nearly close when touched.
As he waited to be summoned by the boss, a small army of clerks gathered to gape and snicker.
People stopped to gape and talk about how the sinkhole came to be and about its effect.
The spectators gape with unblinking eyes and dropped jaws.
And yet she almost seems to gape in wonder and surprise at the toads that keep leaping from her mouth.
Incredible art on the wall and you had to resist the urge to gape.
The chance to gape at the size of this building is worth the trip.
Granite-gray mountain peaks glower at travelers, who gape in helpless awe at the land's stone-cold beauty.
He had a weird growth along his dorsal fin, and that gape-mouth grimace you see in older fish.
The shells gape, but the clam is able to completely retract its body within the shells.
The tiny mumbling mouth stretches into a grinning gape that can swallow bugs as big as the frog itself.

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