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Example sentences for gangue

Grain size varies according to degree of metamorphism as does the nature of gangue minerals.
Quartz and calcite are usual gangue minerals, and organic debris occurs in some deposits.
Gangue quartz is not usually amethystine, and gangue calcite is poor in iron and manganese.
The method is determined by the differences in surface activity between the iron and gangue particles.
Slime is separated from the gangue and is reground and refloated to remove additional copper value.
The residual dolomite gangue was crushed and sold as agricultural dolomitic limestone.
Cinnabar and stibnite occurred in a gangue consisting chiefly of quartz and kaolin, with a small amount of dolomite.
However, low acid-buffering capacity may be offset by the local presence of calcite gangue.
The predominant gangue minerals are siderite and quartz.
The tetrahedrite occurs in a gangue of calcite and quartz.
The veins are generally not composite, and all the major ore and gangue minerals seem to have formed contemporaneously.
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