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Gangrene happens when a body part loses its blood supply.
If they cannot be treated successfully, the result may be gangrene.
He lost both legs to gangrene after lying untreated on a hospital floor for three days.
Toward the end, gangrene could set in, rotting fingers and toes and driving away caregivers with the horrific stench.
The gangrene toxin is not made by the bacterium's own genes but by a gene of a companion virus.
From the housing market, the gangrene has moved to the banking sector.
The doctor's advice for avoiding gangrene is to avoid infection, not precautionary limb removal.
Of all the mayhem an infectious-diseases doctor sees in a lifetime, nothing tops spontaneous gas gangrene.
Often, there is a slightly greenish and bleached tinge that suggests spiritual gangrene.
She was at risk of gangrene and agreed to an emergency hernia operation.
People with ischemic rest pain are at risk for ulcers and gangrene.
These are the oldest identified spores of this species of bacterium, which comes from a certain form of gangrene.
Many of us, from schoolchildren to governors, are trying to rid our society of the gangrene of racism.
However, if blood vessels are affected, the damage is permanent and gangrene can follow.
Noma is a type of gangrene that destroys mucous membranes of the mouth and other tissues.
Some have severe diabetic complications, even gangrene.
He said some sect's members were suffering gangrene and other life-threatening conditions.
When gangrene set in, the arm was amputated eight inches below the shoulder.
She died several months later after gangrene spread to her right.
She had an accident that developed into gangrene in her right knee.
Inadequate blood supply to the primitive grafts led to gangrene and, sometimes, fatal results.
When blowfly eggs hatch in a patient's wound, the maggots eat the dead flesh where gangrene-causing bacteria thrive.
If the obstruction blocks the blood supply to the intestine, the tissue may die, causing infection and gangrene.
He developed gangrene and the leg had to be amputated at the hip.

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