gangly in a sentence

Example sentences for gangly

Mainstream media would reject him because he was unattractive, gangly and often difficult to get on with.
They were as gangly and awkward as he was, with fresh haircuts that made their ears stand out dangerously.
The teenagers toss up gangly bodies haphazardly, their skinny limbs flying overhead.
The gangly, fast-moving creatures are instantly recognized as daddy long-legs.
The non-varietal species is often gangly and does not have good fall color.
They also have relatively long legs and a gangly gait.
Tall and gangly, this fellow traipsed into the great room hauling a load of bulging canvas bags.
His eyes roam, his fingers pester his face, his arms and upper body go all gangly.

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A hook shot kisses the rim and hangs there, helplessly, but doesn't drop and for once our gangly starting ... more
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