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Sometimes, riots are usually caused by one gang of people but responded by another gang.
Especially if the only tattoos one can have are blood-dripping, vile symbols of gang affiliation.
Gang members themselves do not keep a history or, if they do, do not share it with outsiders.
Our trip was fun because our gang gets along really well.
In modern western society it used to be sailors, or gang members, or groups of miscreants.
Gang disputes can flare from almost trivial incidents.
Reprisals from remaining members of the gang are possible.
Drug smugglers and gang members can come in right along side economic migrants.
In our inner cities the latter appears as the street gang and aggrandizes the members.
He started hanging out with a biker gang and doing drugs.
Gang violence and the divorce rate are well above the norm.
Crack caused gang members to drive around and shoot each other.
There are many violent and gang-related crimes, but not any more than one would expect from a large city.
There is a huge drug and gang culture here, but you can avoid that by choosing the right place to live.
Look well at him, and you will find him to be both the pretended oil-merchant and the captain of the gang of forty robbers.
High unemployment exacerbates the serious crime problem, including gang violence that is fueled by the drug trade.
My whole body was sore, as if a gang of boxers had punched me viciously.
But his first organized heist leaves him so miserable that he drops out of the gang.
The name of the gang is spoken softly, almost with veneration.
Which hasn't stopped the losing side from singing the chain-gang blues.
Soon afterwards-this is more unusual-the police arrested a gang of six.
In a chilling autobiography a former gang member portrays himself as the inevitable product of a hellish environment.
All were vile, hating groups other than their own, and they preyed on weaker members of their own gang as well.
If our future self and our past self could gang up on our present self, we'd behave differently.
Maybe they ventured unannounced into another gang's neighborhood.
Some gang members wear certain designer labels to show their gang affiliation.
Genuine bravery for a writer is not about jousting with a pyramid scam gang.

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