gamesmanship in a sentence

Example sentences for gamesmanship

We can speculate if this is gamesmanship or following blind prejudice.
Flopping, as it's known in soccer, has long been a part of the sport's innate gamesmanship.
In an era of great-power gamesmanship, that may be wishful thinking.
Do everything at the line of scrimmage to combat that, there was a little bit of gamesmanship on their side.
Gamesmanship and fighting is part of the process but this went way too far.
It's a sincerely-held belief on my part and has nothing to do with gamesmanship.
Their enjoyable posturing shows off great looks and impressive gamesmanship, but it doesn't offer much surprise.
Lurid sensationalism and computer gamesmanship left this filmmaker's earlier work looking hollow and manipulative.
Participants will work on game fundamentals, stroke work, serves and gamesmanship.
There is no reason, other than partisan gamesmanship, that the repeal legislation has to be drafted this way.
These tariffs are illegal and should be treated as nothing more than political gamesmanship.
Nevertheless, there appears to be a certain amount of gamesmanship in the current maneuvering.
And as a result, it easily lends itself to demagoguery and political gamesmanship, and misrepresentation and misunderstanding.
Political gamesmanship does not make for good government and sound policy.
We have come here to do business, and achieve results, and foreswear gamesmanship.
It is now time to end political gamesmanship and stop gambling with people's lives and livelihoods.
Defining the baseline in law, however, has substantially reduced the scope for such gamesmanship.
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