gamely in a sentence

Example sentences for gamely

Government ministers gamely listed their achievements to date and batted aside suggestions of restructuring.
He gamely organized the fuel and target production data that is a critical section of the report.
And although officials gamely declare that they are making progress, last year's confidence has faded.
But she borrowed a roll of duct tape, for emergency foot maintenance, and carried on gamely.
Gamely swallowing the abalone, he then deftly places a cube of braised tofu into his mouth.
He carried on gamely even when his voice grew raspy and hoarse midway through the twenty-minute speech.
Nonetheless, both physicists tried gamely to salvage what they could of the idea.
But there he was, back from the hospital and gamely hosting his old friends and peers.
Nonetheless, all seven tasters set gamely about their task, with the truffles served in random order.
The president gamely joined in, with slightly less aplomb.
But she gamely tried to steer me to a few hidden outposts of relatively nutritious fare.
But they gamely agreed to undertake a newly devised program of cycling intervals.
He gamely continued to fire his automatic rifle after falling wounded in both legs.
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