game fish in a sentence

Example sentences for game fish

Their meat is fairly tough and not widely eaten, but they are prized as game fish.
Collection methods by which game fish may be legally held an aquarium.
It is unlawful to take freshwater game fish except by game fish devices.
Now the river's been cleaned-up so that even walleye, pike, and game fish can live in it.
How the popular game fish saved the boat business and became a hot lure for economic development.
Some fish are more familiar than others, such as game fish.
Fishing seasons vary depending on the specific types of game fish you want to pursue.
The duration of your fishing trip depends on your preferred location and targeted game fish.
Anglers can try their hand at fishing in the surf, off piers or on the deep waters offshore for a variety of game fish.
Daily programs include a stingray program and feeding, game fish feeding and a summer camp.
Choose from a variety of fishing grounds in the area to find the game fish of your choice.
Some charters specifically target smaller game fish, while others are more suited to anglers seeking a trophy marlin.
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