game plan in a sentence

Example sentences for game plan

Somewhere along the way, he developed a game plan for writing.
However, when they do make up their minds, they are capable of sticking with the game plan and carrying through to the end.
Yes-jumping around and visibly enjoying yourself is a game plan worth bookmarking.
Send us your detailed itinerary including goals, game plan, and how to get ready.
Send us your detailed itinerary including goals, game plan and how to get ready.
The rest of our own team was on about the same game plan.
Effectively communicate your game plan to employees, customers, and developers.
The sensor game plan, on the other hand, has little to do with speed and a lot to do with size.
Yet the prime minister's latest game plan has come unstuck.
She is not good at devising a detailed game plan for pursuing broad objectives.
They laid out their game plan during the midterm elections.
There is no game plan besides simply occupying public space, eating, and drinking.
To many it is a childish game plan by some over enthusiastic machinery to hoodwink the people.
His next game plan must be quite amazing if everyone has now turned on him.
Invasion, reoccupation and reclamation is the name of the game plan.
He had a solid game plan heading into the championship.
Our game plan is to deliver information to people when they want it and how they want it.
The latest version is shown in the game plan and timeline included in this packet.
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