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Meet some of these rare animals in this photo matching game.
Today, global power resources are distributed in a pattern that resembles a three-dimensional chess game.
When players start focusing more on their money then on the game, that is when the quality of the game starts to decrease.
You've seen the game of pachinko-a small metal ball dropped into a thicket of horizontal pegs rattles its way to the bottom.
Warm up game day with great, easy-to-transport tailgating recipes.
It would be a disaster for the game if damage caused by scheduling demands ended the career of a great player in his prime.
Play a game by guessing pirate captains, ships, and treasures.
How and when people see pieces from the computer game in their sleep tells of the role dreaming plays in learning.
There is a video game in which players fire antibiotic ammunition at bacteria.
Kick back with a friendly game of bocce in the backyard.
Video game players may get an unexpected benefit from blowing away bad guys-better vision.
And now comes more good news for video game aficionados.
He spent the night following the game in a hospital.
Anything that will hold a few scoops of dirt is fair game.
Allow me to introduce you to the game that caused you to not get any work done today.
One solution to this learning challenge is to turn the task into a game in which students take charge of their own learning.
Subjects played the game using monetary units, which were exchanged for real money at the end of the experiment.
Others head out for a round of golf or a game of hoops.
The new beat-matching game proves as well-crafted and addictive as anything on the platform.
If they successfully phrase questions and understand the answers, they can move on to the next level of the game.
Each game featured two players, one designated a proposer and the other a responder.
Parents and kids will have fun learning about geography together with this challenging electronic game.
Soccer and music blend together to create an atmosphere that is unique only to the beautiful game.
Overwhelmed, campus police had difficulty identifying the perpetrators and made only two arrests on game day.
But not everyone agrees that the new game is a sign of progress.
The ten creatures in this game can be really tough to sink your teeth into.
Then came the game graphics revolution that sent everyone home to play.
Building a research-library collection has been an educated guessing game.
And while the game allows players to use drones, they don't do collateral damage.
Some flit from table to table, machine to machine and game to game.
The buyers who keep coming back clearly enjoy the auctions as a big game.
People hunted out the big game and deforested the mesa.
Some people look forward to watching the commercials even more than the game.
From relics of the sport's dawn to modern-era tchotchkes, trace the evolution of the game via this unique collection.
Citizen scientists play the game by arranging nucleotides.
When playing this simple game, people consistently reject the rational choice.
Suppose you've taken up the game of squash and want to play at a health club.
In addition, some smaller game reserves experienced local extinctions of nearly half the studied species.
At the crooked police, and the crooked game of life.
But these are rejected for this abominable game of chess.
The fans of symphonic music and video games have found a harmonic convergence in live orchestral performances of game soundtracks.
En route to the game, he explained lacrosse to the cab driver.
The championship game brings together the two best teams in the nation, but fans missed out by not having a playoffs.
In part this is the result of the game's visuals: the lights, colors, and artwork.
The smaller game taking over the continent simply outran them.
In one study, she paired dominant and subordinate children and gave each pair a game to play.
For example, in one game two robots roamed through a course and met in an unfamiliar part of it.
In the block-building game, for example, some commands go to neurons in the hand in order to move the computer mouse.
As he learns to control certain brain waves while playing the game, his race car speeds up.
It's why you play the game, and don't simply allow the handicapping professionals to decide wins and losses.
If any bones of the game are available, brown them well in the oven and add them.
Of course preparation for a big match must begin well before game day.
Those old game machines from the attic may have pitifully little computing power and laughably primitive graphics.
During the game, the hot potato counts down to zero when it explodes.
It's because particle physics is a game of statistics, and even a non-conclusive result can be pretty interesting.
The game is unusual because it's outdoors, on a rink without boards.
When the game starts, you will be asked a multiple-choice question.
Taking proper care of game meat is a hunter's responsibility.
Educational, serious game that teaches how to help protect turtles and their habitat, so they can survive.
Information and links to big game hunting regulations.
Yet it is an obvious truth that many game-changing creations are neither beautiful nor benign.
There was abundant game and a generally mild climate.
It was all part of the game, done on the spur of the moment, and it had seemed quite reasonable.

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A man's idea in a card game is war—cruel, devastating and pitiless. A lady's idea of it is a combination ... more
People's affections can be as thin as paper; life is like a game of chess, changing with each move.... more
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