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Example sentences for gambrel roof

The gambrel roof lines of the three sections of the house run north-south.
The gambrel roof has a large center ridge and a cross-gabled cupola with shutter vents adds character.
It has a gambrel roof with exposed rafter tails, clad with milled wood shingles.
It has a dormered gambrel roof flanked by external end chimneys.
The barn has a gambrel roof with two differing pitches, and an attractive hay dormer.
It continues the steep-hipped gambrel roof, now covered with modern roofing.
The height of the gambrel roof provided nearly a full second floor.
The barn is two stories with a gambrel roof, and board and batten siding.
The gambrel roof is one of the barn's more distinguishing features.
It has a gambrel roof with excellent interior panelling and stairway.
Exposed rafters peek out from beneath the eaves of the side gambrel roof.
The mill has a wood frame, gambrel roof covered with standing seam metal roofing.
The gambrel roof has five dormer windows on each side.
There will be a second floor with a gambrel roof added for storage.
Indicative of the style is the gambrel roof that tops a two-and-one-half story block clad with russet pressed brick.
The barn's vernacular style incorporates a gambrel roof and picturesque cupolas with cow motif weathervanes.
Neither a gambrel roof nor mansard roof is addressed.
It has a gambrel roof with a shed roof dormer on both the east and west elevations, each with two windows.
It was a two-story cross-shaped building with a gambrel roof covered with wood shingles.
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