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Debts contracted by betting, gambling, or verbal promise.
But when they got there, their intentions turned to drugs, alcohol and gambling.
In it centres the real life of the colony its gambling news.
Raving the rule of the gambling school, mixing it up with a prayer.
What the city had provided was a course in scientific gambling with the policeman to see that it was done right.
He dignifies his calling with the pretence of gambling.
He used to be always gambling and card-playing and drinking, but his father never minded his bad habits, and never punished him.
It taught him gambling as its first lesson, and stealing as the next.
Robberies are a natural consequence of universal gambling, much drinking, and extreme indolence.
Where conservation efforts are gaining ground, they're often funded by cash from gambling and other enterprises.
Tourism and gambling drive the economy, and it is also a major banking center.
Profits from the gambling are to be donated to seabird conservation.
But support is dwindling for one industry: gambling.
Outside in the gambling room, the tinny melodic burbling of countless slot machines created a hypnotic din.
It is the notorious gambling, drinking, fornicating spirit.
Her work had her on her feet on the steel deck of a gambling casino boat and she was paying visits to foot doctors.
It could thus be controlled and contained, the parallel with gambling is an idea.
Once a poverty-stricken town with open sewers, the city grew immensely over the years due to the gambling industry.
Casinos usually involve gambling activity, which is considered a tax revenue in the state in which the casino resides.
Questions have been raised about the site's legality, though, and whether it falls into the category of online gambling.
Now, gambling is a good way to make money-if you're the house.
Compulsive gambling is marked by poor impulse control.
The lure of gambling clearly comes from the chance of winning.
You'll also probably see someone who keeps gambling because he's been losing.
Instead they turned the market place into an organized gambling place.
Sixty subjects participated in a gambling game, where they'd make bets on getting the answer to a trivia question right.
The monkeys did so well at the gambling that they appeared to have the self-awareness required for thinking about their knowledge.
If the money spent by the rich in gambling worldwide were donated to feed the hungry, that would be enough to solve world hunger.
Gambling was forbidden and the wines and liquor were irreproachable.
It can organize riverboat gambling and build aquariums and world trade centers.
When he isn't busy smashing melons, the mallet-wielding comedian must spend his days gambling or playing video games.
Both sides in this fight are gambling that the federal courts will see things their way.
Rather than yield to fatigue, he occasionally left his office at two or three am and went to a gambling house.
It is in the nature of gambling that the gamble may lose.
Tells about his early drugs-and-gambling arrest record.
But of course, gambling is different from any other business.
The same sort of self-selection occurs in gambling and investing in the stock market.
All too many state governments supplement their budgets by sponsoring gambling, a kind of secret tax on the poor.
It is easy to be cynical and to say that if you win in the stock market you are investing, but if you lose you are gambling.
Most poker-playing physicists don't consider poker to be true gambling.
And someone who runs up big gambling debts is far more likely to cook the results.
The things that are bad for us often feel strongly compelling, be they high-fat foods, gambling or alcohol.
So, if you're not getting your entertainment dollar's-worth out of the gambling process itself, don't spend your money.
Spaceflight-particularly long-duration spaceflight-is about gambling: computing odds and taking risks.
Think of how much is spent on tobacco, alcohol, and gambling.
If you know nothing about it you are gambling with your life.
Gambling and ending up with two thousand might mean that you'll be driving a cab instead of attending school.
The heaviest burden she had to bear was not his epilepsy, however, but his gambling.
Off to the city, where with gambling sportsmen and dandies his fortune is lost to the last sovereign.
In the past seven years communities across the nation have embraced gambling as an economic savior.
Gambling winnings are fully taxable and must be reported on your tax return.
Underage gambling is illegal and a civil infraction.
Family members, and sometimes friends, can be directly impacted when someone has a gambling problem.

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