gambit in a sentence

Example sentences for gambit

The early, aggressive discounts are opening gambit in what's expected to be a positive selling season for toys.
It might be a gambit to get you to back down.
You can't chip away at the defenses one objective at a time, it's usually an all or nothing gambit.
The book-inside-a-book-inside-a-book ad infinitum gambit may well tantalize the very young.
It turns out the gambit was a savvy business move.
Her most dangerous gambit is a political marriage to cement an alliance.
There's a dual purpose behind this fun gambit.
I'm not sure the role-playing gambit would work in math, but it might.
In fact, conversation can sometimes prove a more effective gambit than conflict.
But it could also be a one-year gambit.
Some believe his gambit worked, while others felt it overwrought.
The more underhanded gambit is the decision to bash the insurance industry at every turn.
Both are meant as an opening gambit in that negotiation.
It's a crafty opening gambit, but hardly an essential one.
The simplest gambit would be a one-off revaluation: keep the link with the dollar but at a higher exchange rate.
Gambit software was used for specifying the geometrical data of the atrium building.
The messages are an opening gambit designed to draw potential victims deeper into the scam.
The children can run the gambit from restlessness and incoherence to combative and psychotic.
The prototypical exchange illustrated uses the topic of weather because it is so useful as a conversational opening gambit.
As a political gambit, the method is tried and true.
The whole cop-bribe gambit depends on you not knowing that you haven't actually done anything wrong.
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