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The whole point of galvanizing is to create a surface that resists corrosion and weathering.
Steel rusts so it needs to be protected with good paint of galvanizing.
But at twenty-one, as at eleven, he is galvanizing above all because of his naturalness.
He is also the one coherent, galvanizing, and viable figure among them.
The display of systemic cruelty is not chilling but galvanizing.
But the show of disdain had the opposite effect, galvanizing a furious populace to take to the streets.
The loss of these friends was a galvanizing event in my adolescence.
Gloom and doom talk can be useful in galvanizing reform, but it can also feed on itself and obstruct new ideas.
If there is one single, galvanizing human trait common to all of us, it is the desire to create a better world for our children.
He bewitched them with the intoxicating brew of a championship pedigree and a galvanizing personality.
Warped pieces shall be straightened after all fabrication and galvanizing.
Galvanizing bath shall be free of ferrous impurities.
Where galvanizing of reinforcing bars is required, galvanizing is usually performed after fabrication.
Remove galvanizing in the area of the weld, prior to welding.
All reinforcing in the concrete barrier shall be cut and bent prior to galvanizing.
Nuts to have standard oversize tap to allow for galvanizing.
Galvanizing is the process of coating steel with zinc to protect it from corrosion.
The galvanizing specified is by the hot-dip process.

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