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Example sentences for galling

Some residents find it galling that so much attention is lavished on pets.
No explosives are allowed-a galling rule to some contestants.
It's galling that so many people still think that's an acceptable form of discourse.
The scene awaiting relief workers was galling yet familiar.
He says the sound is a galling drone that can escalate at any time into a peace-shattering and sleep-depriving racket.
Of course, it's galling when a chief executive fails and is still handsomely rewarded.
What has been especially galling has been the cynicism surrounding the efforts to get the toll increases.
And so on to the end of the long register, all toiling together in the galling fetters of the tenement.
The shop triumphs, and fetters more galling than ever are forged for the tenant.
The sea of a mighty population, held in galling fetters, heaves uneasily in the tenements.
What makes this especially galling is that all of these principals were at one time teachers.
As inevitable as his arrest was, it is equally galling.
The bigger the tarp infusion, the more galling the lack of bonus restrictions.
Even then the bride had to hobble around with a cane-a galling experience for a ballerina.
What is particularly galling is that he is portrayed in the media as legitimate spokesperson for conservatism.
But what's really galling is the way the family and the machine have shown disrespect to the public since the time of the stroke.
Maybe even more galling, the network has lately faded in the ephemeral category of buzz.
But these caveats, however galling, should not get in the way of that priority.
But it is galling to see someone being kicked when he is down.
It's been galling her for years and the only thing she can't figure out is why she's never done anything about it.
The use of a hardened washer can reduce galling during installation.
The inspection after testing showed sight abrasion and galling on the stem.
Effects of furfural on nematode populations and galling on tomato and pepper.

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