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The encounter of two galaxies left a ring-shaped galaxy and a long-tailed companion.
In the long run, a galaxy of virtual worlds will benefit all of us.
So either that understanding is flawed, or there is more to the average galaxy than meets the eye.
Astronomers think such collisions are critical to galaxy formation and evolution.
Astronomers believe they may have discovered the first planet ever detected in another galaxy.
The farther away a galaxy is, the faster it is receding and the bigger this red shift will be.
It will have a central place in the galaxy of computing devices for some time to come.
New studies track the motion of stars to pin down what holds sway at the heart of our galaxy.
The galaxy orientation might help, depending on where your new friends came from and perhaps their visual spectral range.
From our vantage point, a second galaxy happens to be behind the first galaxy.
In the simulation below, a developing galaxy is undergoing feedback, ejecting material into intergalactic space as it grows.
Stars within a typical galaxy are so far apart that the chances of two colliding are slim to none.
Stars will have to stop their helical movement throughout the galaxy.
The penultimate section of the exhibition contains a galaxy of large pictures of hunting.
It takes a unique skill set and the right equipment to produce a stunning image of another planet or even another galaxy.
The more distant a galaxy is, the more time has elapsed since the light we're seeing today left that galaxy.
But it is a different story in a galaxy's local neighborhood.
We can tell in our galaxy there must be billions of planets.
The image depicts a galaxy that contains strangely dense clouds of dust that dampen the burst's visible light.
Take a stroll through a galaxy of stars blowing kisses your way.
Pretty much everything you see in the picture is a distant galaxy, a billion of more light years away.
Such abodes of life may lie on other planets and moons throughout our galaxy, throughout the universe, and even beyond.
Start worrying in a few million years about a cosmic dust collision, when the sun hits the closest spiral arm of our galaxy.
And it's appropriate, given how prominently our own galaxy features in this video.
For example, the presence of dark matter helps explain why our galaxy is stable.
Opponents claimed they must be some new sort of star within our own galaxy.
So finding multiple planets around one means, once again, planets are almost certainly common in the galaxy.
The enriched mixture may then be drawn together in the body of another star later in the history of the galaxy.

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