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Powerful telescopes show us the remote planets and faraway galaxies that our puny retinas cannot see.
Maybe even one fighting enemies from other galaxies or beyond.
Some galaxies rotate so fast that they should be throwing off their outermost stars.
At the moment, the main reason for believing dark matter exists is that spinning galaxies would fly apart without it.
All the evidence for dark energy comes from the observation of distant galaxies.
If dark matter exists it may take the form of mirror planets, mirror stars and mirror galaxies.
He spends a substantial amount of his time and money roaming around at night among planets and stars and galaxies.
But the models have failed to reproduce some of the key features of individual galaxies.
For a variety of obvious reasons, it's impossible to reproduce the exact environment in which galaxies form.
Astronomers here observe the universe by studying faint radio waves emitted by stars, evaporating comets, and distant galaxies.
While sometimes the circuit's celebrities suggest galaxies far, far away, the cars definitely suggest an alien influence.
Stars orbit the pivot point at the center of galaxies, planets in turn orbit stars, and moons in turn orbit planets.
And something seems to cocoon the universe's spiral galaxies, keeping them from spinning out of control.
The logarithmic spiral echoes the curved arms of hurricanes and distant galaxies.
Astronomers had previously believed that such outlying sections of galaxies lacked the necessary materials for star formation.
Those picking apart the history of galaxies think the clues may lie in galactic dwarfs.
Optical telescopes see only the bright galaxies in this composite image.
There is not dark matter because the center of galaxies hold all that extra matter to emit enough material to create the galaxy.
There's a billion other galaxies with a billion or so stars of their own.
Heat-seeking missiles use these systems for targeting, and astronomers employ them to peer into the dusty hearts of galaxies.
We observe galaxies mature that are ancient and know that these galaxies are older then the big-bang event.
In a rare alignment, there are two distant galaxies aligned behind an intervening lensing galaxy.
It will zero in on the birth of stars and planets, the origins of galaxies, and the evolution of cosmic structure.
But for specific galaxies it has uncomfortably large error bars.

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