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They can improve milk yields, increase livestock weight gain, decrease parasite burden and reduce occurrence of bloat.
The opposition struggles to gain from disenchantment with the government.
Gain the heart of a fighter without losing your dignity.
They found that pounded meat and potatoes caused more weight gain than raw food.
We need to know about them and others who risk everything for a chance to gain freedom.
If they happen to gain power, they do not seem to know what to do with it.
Inmates pose as maintenance workers to gain access to the prison guard tower.
In the derided experiment, they let the virus itself evolve to gain that killer capacity.
Townships plagued by flooding could gain precious time to make preparations.
Pouring the fermented beer into bottles, capping them off, and letting the beer mature and gain a little more clarity.
If the gain and loss are close to equivalent, consider your audience.
Yet on balance, rich countries should gain from poorer ones getting richer.
Lose weight and leptin levels fall, prompting you to eat more and gain back the weight.
Academics gain access to expensive data that ultimately improves their understanding of geological processes.
See animals up close and gain a better understanding of their habitat, size and adaptive characteristics.
Studies suggest it prevents weight gain and doesn't cause cavities.
Makers of footwear, furniture and more also gain from supplies of cheap labour.
We're starting to gain some of these same insights for the land-based species we've begun working with.
But humans alone extend altruism beyond kin, frequently helping perfect strangers for no obvious personal gain.
But this fortunate balance between loss and gain likely won't last.
We must ensure that developing countries are not being held back by policies that allow other countries to gain at their expense.
Students will work both alone and in small groups to gain a better understanding of tornadoes.
People who lift weights are trying to gain muscle, so they need to eat after they work out to see any gain.
Males gain an advantage in mating by allowing females to feed on the flowers.
Unlike other schizophrenia drugs, it does not cause excessive weight gain.
Frustrated in the criminal courts, victims' families gain a hearing in civil ones.
The knowledge the researchers gain about bat sonar is tested out on dolphins and applied to human sonar systems.
Weight gain is usually blamed on poor diet and a lack of exercise.
Tame stuff by today's standards but novel enough, back then, to gain notice.
Crew members gain new skills as the game progresses making them more and more valuable.
Symptoms of the syndrome commonly include indigestion, nausea, headaches and weight gain.
In the process, they will gain an awareness of the human and environmental factors that make places unique.
He consequently started developing his body to gain some respect.
Quadriplegics may gain a new degree of freedom via their tongues, if a new control system becomes widely available.
Set against this economic gain is a fiscal cost, as immigration's opponents are quick to point out.
Even as electric vehicles gain traction with consumers, the price of solar panels is falling precipitously.
Yes, it's better to keep people from becoming obese in the first place, as it's easier to gain weight than to lose it.
Students can gain easy online access to an astonishing array of ready-made term papers, and for a fee, they can get.
The experiment revealed that the genetic tweaking, indeed, rendered the mice resistant to weight gain.
To gain market share, some have started veritable price wars.
The hosts help themselves to some of the sugars and even gain a bit of added color.
Interns will gain an understanding of the way the photo, design and editorial departments work together to produce the magazine.
Someday science may find a pharmaceutical answer to weight gain.
The journey to gain official status can be a long trip.
Each country suspects the other of expelling people for political gain.
Sacrificing that for short-term gain is never in one's interest.
Until recently, investors were jostling with each other to gain access to the best alternative investments.
When on land, walruses use their tusks to ward off predators and to gain purchase on ice floes.
Eight anthropologists then sued to gain access to the remains, claiming that the decision did not follow federal law.
In the meantime, stroke patients stand to gain enormous benefit from harnessing this remarkable system.
And this is when they made their remarkable discovery about weight gain.
The successful candidate will gain practical experience working on projects aimed at increasing readership.
Its top layer of solar panels shades it from direct heat gain.
As president his first task will be to gain recognition of his legitimacy, both abroad and at home.
Meerkat females gain huge rewards by fighting for leadership.
Learn how paleontologists study fossils to gain insights into animals and their interactions.
You're not going to gain anything except a hatred of the architecture they've created.
Possibly, because hurricanes gain their energy from the oceans, which seem to have warmed under human influence.
The zigzag relay is necessary to gain enough elevation for the signal to clear the tree line.
Get the motor spinning and use a rear-mounted propeller to gain speed.
He had little to gain from such an encounter, and much to lose.
These days, some lasers use use garnet crystals as their gain media.
Biologists believe the advantage birds gain by foraging in a mixed flock is primarily one of protection against predators.
To a certain extent, autocrats are reflective of the society and political state in which they gain power.
Among the challenges: changing ingrained habits that led to the weight gain.
Volunteers needed the birds to gain strength before they could tackle the cause of the penguins' misery: oiled feathers.
It blocks ultraviolet rays, and helps regulate heat loss and gain year-round.
Researchers are tagging humpback whales to gain a clearer picture of their underwater habits and foraging strategies.
If you have ever lost weight on a diet only to gain it all back, you were probably as perplexed as you were disappointed.
One may know how to gain a victory, and know not how to use it.
But there is no single known fact in his life to support the conclusion that he changed his faith for the sake of gain.
As vacation rentals gain popularity, online sites increase listings.
These drugs can also trigger excessive weight gain, leading to life-threatening complications such as diabetes or heart disease.
Subverting scientific knowledge for short-term gain.
Others, however, gain a catastrophic momentum and often claim lives.
But rebuilding the region itself will not gain momentum before the next decade.
Green funds are high-quality and are looking for long-term gain.
The financial crisis is a product of short-term greed and gain.
Scoundrels were bound to find the weaknesses and exploit them for mischief or, worse, for criminal gain.
The loss driven by meat consumption seems to outweigh the gain from the fast food and meat industry.
Some can gain relief by losing weight or altering their medications.
The authors argue that this is because he tries harder to avoid the loss than he does to make the gain.
But once the extra capital spending is taken into account there may be little or no gain in overall economic efficiency.
Some of this gain may be due to newspaper adverts migrating online, but it also suggests a pick-up in recruiting.
Poor countries, they believed, had little to gain from venturing into the world market.
Those that rise in the ranks will gain more eager applicants.
It found that fat gain might not always show up on the scale.
He intends only his own security, only his own gain.
Anyway, what they don't get in money they more than gain in popularity these days.
As one part of the world becomes modern, those parts it touches also gain exposure to modern ideas.
Gain their trust, however, and they will show off their underground treasures with great pride.
As a result there may be little, if any, gain in uniformity.
It makes no distinction whatsoever between the desirable and the undesirable, or costs and gain.
But take the extreme case, and suppose that the extra year brought no gain in productive skills.
Housing gave the previously homeless an opportunity to seek employment, creating a net revenue gain rather than a funding drain.
To put it as concisely as possible: the individual pays, his genes and tribe gain, altruism spreads.
If you accepted this bet ten times in a row, you could expect to gain two hundred and fifty dollars.
Even if a soloist extemporizes for only a minute, the remainder of the performance may gain something intangible.
Describes how his approval has helped gain parole for prisoners serving life sentences.
He knew how to exploit others' weaknesses-and their strengths, for that matter-as a way to further his own gain.
The customer was used to the apparent bar- gain of self-service.
Faneuil seemed to gain confidence the longer he was on the stand.
The five stories and novella have to be read together and in that order to gain their full meaning.
There was more to lose by staying out, and more to gain by going in.
The more information you gain, the more rational design you can apply to vaccines or drugs.
Genes may make them susceptible to weight gain, but a fattening environment makes the gain happen.
There are aspects of a theory that you can go out and look for and confirm, and that's another way to gain confidence in it.
People can also become too focused on how much money they stand to gain or lose, to the detriment of focusing on the task itself.
By the turn of the millennium, my argument was beginning to gain ground.
Their side effects can include weight gain, osteoporosis, and diabetes.
Conversely, statistical predictions gain in accuracy as the time interval increases.
However, rising oil prices are having a ripple effect, and industrial microbiology began to gain momentum a few years ago.
These treatments work, but patients also tend to gain weight, adding to the original problem.
Achieving this gain in speed seems as if it should be easy, but it actually costs a lot.
Nothing helped much, but he did gain more insight into his memory failure.
Give the engine a boost, and old memories gain a new lease on life.
But some species stand to gain from the rising global temperatures.
If he could master the channel genes of the squid, he might gain the keys to the entire machine.
Although he hopes to gain new insights, he has no theory to prove or disprove.
And wind-turbine farms could gain a place to use excess electricity on high-wind days.
The wind produced by the fans goes through a duct to gain speed, and rudders at the end will control its direction.
In a normal laser, photons bounce between two mirrors through a gain medium that amplifies the light.
The patient also showed a slow but steady gain in function even when the device was turned off.
Although exactly what there is to gain by this isn't yet clear.
Perhaps they want to gain as much power as possible before the inevitable happens so they can take credit.
Work with a small niche application to gain a foot hold and make money, is a great way to fund further development.
Accelerators can be made of metal tubes that are tens of meters long, through which particles travel to gain energy.
Computation goes as the cube of the processing gain.
The price for each individual is small, the potential gain huge.
Currently there is no known mechanism that can account for this gain.
Coupled with the weight gain is the emotional stress of one's body changing for the worse.
Those who are dieting usually prefer skim milk, those wishing to gain add cream to whole milk.
For an additional fee, they can gain access to an on-site doctor's office and pharmacy, too.
Anyone in the theater can gain admittance to this secret section so long as they are wearing one diamond stud in their left ear.
She might also ask why doctors and nurses profit from sickness, or why mechanics gain from breakdowns.
Put your faith in the almighty, he proposed, and you stand to gain everything.
If you told them they could gain an edge by biting the heads off of endangered sea turtles, they'd do that.
If it's not anorexia, she should be able to gain the weight.
Frank had struggled and scrambled, at first, to gain even rudimentary success as a professional singer.
They had everything to gain by a show of cooperation.
To gain access, a candidate had to have the right connections-or be willing to pay.
Private equity guys and hedge fund guys right now don't pay capital gain taxes on stuff.
She could be especially pointed on matters of weight gain.
His job is to be proactive-to try to gain leverage over the situation as fast as possible.
As consumers seek relief from the recession, auctions for food and other necessities gain in popularity.
All the gain is on the near side of that first simple word, all the distance lies right beyond the second.
As for company, he stood to gain more from garrulous oldsters with gnarled hands and long memories than from effete littérateurs.
During its first two centuries, this country seemed slated to gain and then maintain global preeminence.
Financial market participants created a financial bubble of tragic proportions in pursuit of personal gain.
The bigger the bet, the more stockholders stand to gain if the coin comes up heads.
But this conjuncture did not provide an opportunity for elites to gain liberty.
Not until the final decades of the nineteenth century did the profession begin to gain public support.
Some may have been persuaded that they had less to gain by winning than by losing.
Many common phrases and proper names were encoded by only two optical symbols, with a substantial gain in speed of transmission.

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