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Instead, they see the world in fuzzy out-of-focus green.
The undersides of the rolled leaves are white and fuzzy.
Harvest when pods are plump but still green and fuzzy.
Its down was fuzzy against my chin, and its new feathers tickled the side of my neck.
Her stylishness was belied slightly by a pair of old fuzzy red earmuffs.
Directly above me the sky was still blue, but in the distance a fuzzy pale-gray layer of smog already frosted the skyline.
Rain came down heavily a half hour at a time, then pulled back into a silvery sky of fast-moving, fuzzy-bottomed clouds.
Until the fuzzy letdowns of the final act, the movie is a sizzling intellectual apache dance.
It was at this point that things began to get fuzzy.
It was so early that my mind was still fuzzy, full of night demons.
Sage leaves-too potent and fuzzy to eat fresh but mellow when fried-serve as a lovely garnish for this autumnal side dish.
The case for keeping print within reach is more complex than fuzzy rhetoric about the joy of serendipitous browsing.
Some professors attending those breakfasts did not come away with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
It's about making the graduates' relatives feel warm and fuzzy about the campus as well.
To the untrained eye, though, the line between the lab scientist and the layman can seem fuzzy.
And unlike his supervisors, his memory did not grow fuzzy as he recalled what he knew and when he knew it.
First of all, the categories are so fuzzy as to be almost meaningless.
It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to see these letters again.
All the martinis from my induction had my mind a bit fuzzy.
After certain threshold the objects are becoming irregular and fuzzy again.
Things that looked clear in the beginning will look fuzzy by the end.
The invention uses so-called fuzzy logic to estimate how many people are waiting for elevators.
Both gifts guarantee that warm fuzzy feeling upon opening.
If you're allergic to cats, don't even think about wearing mohair, the fuzzy yarn made from the silky hair of angora goats.
The plant's fuzzy hairs can cause a skin irritation in some susceptible people.
Thousands of people claim to have seen the hairy hominoid, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy.
Also noticeable are faint, white, slightly fuzzy fungal growths on the ant's joints.
Neither will look all that impressive, appearing as greenish-blue tinted, fuzzy stars.
The wind gusts against your face, your body gliding smoothly against a backdrop of fuzzy blue and gray skies.
Unfortunately, this fuzzy math doesn't match up with the best science.
The fuzzy hatchlings they were protecting were awfully cute.
The fuzzy outcomes predicted depend on a global trading scheme in place.
The sheep are much cuter when they are all fuzzy, but it was still fun to watch them get sheared.
His voice fuzzy, the tinkle of her laughter in the background.
Fuzzy down feathers keep birds warm, while extravagantly curved feathers attract mates.
The movie, made with a conventional optical microscope, reveals that a fuzzy vanguard of proteins is driving the neutrophil.
There will always be objects on the fuzzy edges of any definition.
The fuzzy appearance is due to the high concentration of ordinary stars of similar brightness scattered throughout the galaxy.
The moon is our closest celestial neighbor, but our knowledge of its topography is still fuzzy.
First, he sought to translate fuzzy notions of free will into a concrete operational definition.
As others have pointed out, this is all pretty fuzzy stuff, and also matches simple common-sense intuition.
They range as some fuzzy blend of the original yellow with the background.
Put on your fuzzy slippers and grab a coffee and relax ops.
Too much self selection, fuzzy questions and risky interpretation for my liking.
But the details have been fuzzy because it's difficult to tinker with the mixture of hydrocarbons that decorate the flies.
The fuzzy dividing line between light and atoms has been blurred even further.
My bachelor and master theses were in the area of fuzzy logic: developing a system for student learning.
So the combined early picture in the peer-reviewed literature is fuzzy.
They snapped radio collars on the fuzzy creatures to track them.
It is a little fuzzy due to precession and the periodic station-keeping to correct that precession.
There is a little bit of fuzzy thinking going on here.
It wasn't the fuzzy video or inconsistent sound quality, either.
Gone is the fuzzy rhetoric about co-operation to boost global growth.
She wore a large fuzzy hat, and kept nodding slowly.
For a start, the distinction between open and closed is fuzzy.
Companies are at pains to present themselves as warm-and-fuzzy global citizens.
Even if the details are fuzzy, the broad parameters of it seem clear.
Most now require bond agents to get a licence, but beyond that things tend to get fuzzy.
The troubles in these towns say less about racism than about the fuzzy doctrine of multiculturalism.
Squeezing the fuzzy, pom-pom-shaped blob of material changes the amount of current flowing through it.
There is a fuzzy border between racism and personal preferences.
One or the other, x or y, will mark the remainder of this administration's fuzzy decisions and lack of leadership.
Loopholes and fuzzy laws let him muzzle the press and stifle dissent, much as happens in the meaner-looking countries next door.
The line between legitimate research and ill-gotten information is fuzzy.
Its broader desire to clarify its fuzzy borders with all its neighbours provides one attraction.
But inter-country adoptions happen in a fuzzy and sometimes murky world.
Under high magnification, there are small, fuzzy congestion points visible inside the ink lines of the writing itself.
Regan doesn't seem to have a sense of the boundary, however fuzzy, between work and life.
Between the gravitational basin of one celestial body and another lies a fuzzy, chaotic boundary.
Not to mention the brains ability to perform fuzzy logic, and many other lines of reasoning.
Endeavour is the long fuzzy bump on the top of the horizontal bar on the upper right going between the two sets of solar panels.
But many of these phenomenon are fuzzy on the margins.
Soon he obtained fuzzy electron microscope images of the retrovirus itself.
It's also a bit odd due to the fuzzy glow at the bottom.
Its gravity would draw in particles, sculpting what would otherwise be a fuzzy boundary into a clean-cut ring.
Obviously the boundaries between these four vertices are fuzzy.
For one, if you look along the long axis of the ring, you can see it looks fuzzy.
They were small, appeared fuzzy, and left behind a misty appearance.
When you are looking at statistical correlations rather than direct causal relationships, things get fuzzy.
Research has shown that when the eye perceives an image as fuzzy, it compensates by altering its length.
If you think this sounds a bit warm and fuzzy for the right-angle world of engineering, think again.
The fungus appears as fuzzy white or gray splotches that may cover the leaves and make them twist, curl and drop.
Yup, those funny looking brown fuzzy ovals have been peeled, sliced and dried.

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