fuzz in a sentence

Example sentences for fuzz

When you roast the beans, the caffeine forms a kind of fuzz on the roaster.
They sport peach-fuzz mustaches and slicked-back buzz cuts.
To his chin and his upper lip clings thin, lusterless fuzz.
His head was shaved, covered in regulation fuzz, and he was wearing old jeans and an untucked work shirt.
Fuzz it up to the point where no one can even ask the relevant questions, let alone expect relevant answers.
The fuzz allows the ball to better interact with the air it is traveling in, the playing surface, and the racquet.
The best way to identify the difference between a nectarine and peach is by the lack of fuzz on the nectarine.
Fuzz testing creates malformed data and observes application behavior when such data is consumed.
Pictures quality and sound shall be clear and free on interferences fuzz and static.
The short fuzz plumcot is about two inches in diameter.
The plants are easily distinguished from other thistles by its silvery leaf margins and absence of hairs or fuzz on the leaves.
Instead of touching the dragonfly, you feel the soft fuzz of the cattail.
In winter, fish are often killed by a water mold that produces patches of gray fuzz on their skins or gills.
Involucral bracts are smooth, lacking hairs or fuzz.
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