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It may still sound futuristic, but the era of mind-controlled machines is here.
Ickiness aside, biometrics have become less futuristic and more now-istic.
At the margin, it is certainly worth putting more money into manpower at the expense of some futuristic projects.
If it takes a few years for society to catch up with his futuristic visions, so be it.
Then, with the next wave of technology, the vision becomes decidedly futuristic.
To match her hair, her makeup was futuristic glam, with silver gray lids and pale pink lips.
The futuristic sets were extremely complicated, and special effects kept breaking down.
Along the way, the concept has gone from futuristic novelty to often-tacky tourist traps.
Though the burnished blend of retro and futuristic is visually impressive, the movie was made with no sets or locations.
Why do electric cars always have to look so darned futuristic.
The futuristic computer imagery, which opens the film in dazzling fashion, took more time than expected.
These futuristic scenarios are not now part of the debate over human cloning, but they should be.
Read on for a look at some of these futuristic weapons being tested today.
The teaser trailer above hints at a two-sided conflict in a futuristic atmosphere.
Hand and retina scanners have been touted for years as a futuristic gatekeepers to high-security buildings.
White lights shone from a futuristic steel fixture above.
Filled with futuristic ideas, these publications were never meant to be educational or sophisticated.

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While enclosed shopping malls suspended space, time, and weather, Disneyland went one step further and suspended reality... more
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