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Example sentences for futures market

Rather, it would be more accurate to acknowledge that one is simply a commodity in an intellectual futures market.
He contends that the futures market gambled that prices would fall, leading oil companies to sell inventories.
In contrast, in the corn futures market, the farmer is a natural seller and the maker of corn chips is a natural buyer.
Third, the futures market for house prices predicts further declines in a number of metropolitan areas this year.
Also the investing from these in the futures market is whats pushing the price of oil up.
Traders in the futures market also seem to believe that the oil price will rise again.
But the futures market is small and illiquid and may overstate the possible declines.
Soon, because the bulbs could only be delivered in late summer, a futures market was established.
She can use the futures market to lock in the price of her crops.
So the futures market and the options market were all created back then.
The futures market for this city's professional basketball team is anything but bullish.
Recognize, however, that farmers will always have the option of using a broker to access the futures market on their own.
Right now they have a hugh short position on silver in the futures market.
Often used to distinguish all other prices from futures trading on an organized commodity futures market.
By contrast, the futures market opened on time with heavy selling.
Cash and futures market prices reflect different oat qualities.
The futures market is available to help in spreading the market price risk.
The ability to predict basis is crucial to using the futures market as a hedge.
Kirilenko found high frequency market maker inventory or position half-lives of less than two minutes in the futures market.
The futures market has evolved to one that is primarily electronic and one that increasingly involves algorithmic trading.
The basis accounts for the difference in the supply and demand relationships in the local market relative to the futures market.
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