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But it will be interesting to see how many other people's futures he puts at risk if and when he begins to talk.
Many sons and daughters inherited their parents' strict work ethic and went on to brighter futures far from the mill hills.
Residents are learning to shape their own futures and are embracing a new outlook on life with resilience and determination.
Unfortunately, the futures of many troglobites may be shorter than their pasts.
Not enough is being done to break this insane cycle of wasted futures.
Many of his stories are set in futures where societies are forced to adapt to the consequences of environmental damage.
The opening of offshore leases for exploration would have an immediate effect on oil futures markets.
In general, mothers are concerned about their children's futures and constantly anxious about it.
If it weren't for the huge price of corn futures these days, it would be enough to drive a corn lobbyist crazy.
Fortune tellers are fans, using the technique to read our hopefully bright futures.
Oil futures dropped five percent, apparently in response to the move.
Oh, they say, it's because the price depends on futures.
She, in turn, seems unconvincingly fatalistic about their romantic and professional futures.
Money or lack of it is a frequent topic of conversation at home, and children become aware early of the limits to their futures.
Not ours-our futures are, you know, are almost over-but her future and the futures of your children.
But the students did seem keenly aware of how financial pressures were affecting their campuses and their own futures.
They have forgotten more about pork-belly futures than you will ever know.
We are responsible for preparing them for their futures.
Graduate students need to start planning right now for all of their possible futures-and it's our job as their teachers to help.
It's about reminding faculty members of the central role they play in shaping their students' futures.
Given the state of the world economy that globalized capitalism has produced, their futures do not look too rosy.
Rather, it would be more accurate to acknowledge that one is simply a commodity in an intellectual futures market.
People don't, generally, have enough imagination or knowledge to invent plausible futures.
The price of corn futures is skyrocketing, which will make all food more costly.
As history unfolds, potential pathways to different futures are constantly opening and closing.
And while these animals seem more secure than they were a decade ago, their futures in the wild are by no means guaranteed.
Gone are the days when you guys are telling us when the sun eats the moon, what our futures hold, and what not.
My point is what is happening in the now that decides among all the potential futures.
We have an endless variety of choices about our collective and individual futures.
We still need more video in futures work and more futures work in product design.
Our goal is to pin down the corners of the plausible futures.
Now it's time to develop strategies for coping with the four futures you've imagined.
Let others dream up products never before imagined and risk their futures on that vision.
Therefore, it is important to prepare a wide range of possible decisions based on an entire range of possible futures.
The accusers point to the link between the volume of transactions on the futures markets and the price of oil.
True, the increase in futures prices for delivery in three months has been particularly steep.
In the short term, prices these days are set as much by investment money in the futures markets as by end-user demand.
As investors sold futures to protect themselves against a crash, the cash price of shares was driven down as well.
For example, in commodities markets and futures markets, the use of a clearinghouse insures against failure of delivery.
Spot and futures contracts are on offer, and options are emerging.
It wants the government to restrain speculative inflows by imposing far higher initial margin requirements on currency futures.
Continental has no hedges in oil-futures contracts this year.
One of the businesses it plans to launch soon is a futures exchange where traders can bet on the box-office success of movies.
Trading commodity futures and options is not for everyone.

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