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Those efforts proved futile, and he let his hair grow.
To critique how the dinosaurs and monsters were drawn would be a futile exercise.
Steering her was futile, and the vessel slid slowly down the wall of the gyre.
Two million people wandered the country in a futile quest for work.
Many thought it was futile, that the whole settlement of the area had been a mistake.
The idea of remaking it shot-for-shot seems both preposterous and futile.
After that, the realization set in that waiting for rescue was futile.
Though our efforts here may seem futile at times, they are making a difference.
The whine of a wood-milling machine made it futile to talk.
The wound ultimately killed him, but not before he was able to scurry up the mountain in a futile attempt at escape.
The relentless efforts of reactionary authority to suppress the message of birth control and of voluntary motherhood are futile.
He heard there none of that futile eloquence, which is now the study and the charm of frivolous orators.
Everyone in this tale is filled with a futile energy.
He gathered diets and councils in futile attempts at reconciliation.
It were futile to attempt to deprive it of its real meaning-Times.
But guidance will be futile if there are no proper paths to tread.
Fight it and you will only suffer: resistance is futile.
In the case of language that has drifted into disfavor, banning it is a futile effort to remake history, and a dangerous one.
But protesting against war may not have seemed so futile or naïve in the nineteen-thirties.
Sometimes the billboards reflect both futile ambition and ironic etiquette.
What resulted was a volley of unpredictable gestures-solemn or wild, often futile, but not without a streak of comic dignity.
Others simply think that the efforts at popularization will be futile.
It is therefore worse than futile-it is criminal-to sit around and wait for an economy to right itself.
It is futile to create a decentralized platform that simply duplicates a well-entrenched social networking experience.
It seems kind of silly, not to mention futile, to try to prove that one species or another is more advanced than another.
Training with no opportunity for work is futile, and critical thinking doesn't pay the bills.
However, it is futile to suggest that conversation can ground a sense of poetry's nature or even autonomy.
But in the end, the operation looks tawdry and futile.
Compromising your own future because of guilt is futile.
Battles that are futile are best left until such time as they are more realistic.
Trying to get an accurate count of crimes prevented thanks to handguns would be a thankless and futile task.
Along the way many things about the academic life seemed futile.
Waiting for its charms to manifest themselves isn't a futile task, but it's one that requires some forbearance.
Many, perhaps almost all, have been every bit as futile.
It is an endearingly human gesture but, as a means of keeping dry, almost entirely futile.
Futile, because if people really want medicines, they can easily get hold of them.
One, the alternative-burying high-tension lines-is expensive and largely futile.
First, the alternative-burying high-tension lines-is expensive and largely futile.
Inland housing markets that were booming a few years ago are now so awash with foreclosed homes that building has become futile.
The effort was futile: the monetary pressure wasn't eased, and collapsing trade only added to the plight of industry.
But the government's approach, say campaigners, signals that resistance will often be futile.
If governments cannot commit themselves credibly to a course, their policies may be futile.
Without their support, he says, it is futile for him to continue the fight.
Global warming, in particular, is making general-purpose futurology all but futile.
Instead of waging a futile war on dowries, the government would do well to introduce dowry accounts.
It is futile protection-a tangible symbol of her quest for anonymity, akin to her pseudonymity.
His early poems are cutting, despairing accounts of the type of futile, life-draining work that lacks dignity and purpose.
They were trudging off on who knows what futile errand of party-building.
Creating the best ideas to fix college sports is futile without the power to implement reform.
Parsing the difference between legal and illegal insider trading is futile--and a disservice to all investors.
But meanwhile it would be futile not to recognize that there exist to-day some sharp intellectual divergences.
These ultimately proved futile, but for a while they poisoned both politics and society.
The claim was futile, and preoccupied him until the day he died.
Surely, it will be argued, even total agreement among highly respected people will be futile.
Government efforts to halt illegal mining in the area have mostly been futile.
For days after the flight, the muscles at the back of my neck ached from their futile attempt to resist that pressure.
Anything to promote the idea that a war against terror and fascism is futile.
Another swallower works underwater, in what may be a futile attempt to whet the blade.
Futile as appears setting sumptuous nourishment arrayed before ivory towers.
The best approach towards anything is a proactive one, anything but is futile.
But storage at a small scale seems indeed to be futile.
Since it apparently cannot be understood, any further attempts to explain would be futile.
Impugning motive is a futile exercise- as questionable motives apply to all of us.
So it is futile either to claim scientific accuracy of the account, or to criticise the apparent lack of it.
We'd probably laugh and think that it was pretty futile, since all he has is his little doggy perspective.
Fighting the plants is futile without controlling the deer.
Weary veterans of failed revolutions are bound to regard this undertaking as futile.
The courtroom process so far has been an exhausting and futile effort.
And again it seems likely their efforts will be futile.
Breeding two highly endangered animals or subspecies through conventional mating is a difficult and often futile undertaking.
But for many of the marine creatures, the attempt was futile.
And when struggling is futile, the animal will become immobilized in the grip of fright.
Even when one individual was released first, they soon learned that tugging on the rope themselves was futile.
Most were convinced such efforts would be futile in sites so ancient.
These bacteria may be able to resist antibiotics, but against the phages, their resistance is futile.
Looking for a genetic explanation for complex historical and cultural phenomena is futile.
Quibbling about the rights and responsibilities of scientists in a given field is not always unimportant or futile.
It's now known that exactly calculating the atmosphere in arbitrarily fine detail is futile.
That's why all discussions between them about practical matters are futile.
Another possibility is that the human behavior function is discontinuous, meaning efforts to maximize are futile.
It's fun, but pretty futile without a few more data points.
We are now at the point where any attempt at reasonable discussion is futile.
The object of his satire, it would seem, is our futile desire to attribute meaning to his prose.
Contemporary students do not see the point of the book: the whole exercise seems futile.
Her concerns would have seemed isolated and futile, and the companies would hardly have taken notice of them.
He is also concerned about the instability that would result from futile efforts to devise defenses against ballistic missiles.
In fact the exercise was by no means as futile as that remark implies.
If it is true, however unwelcome or not it is, then denial is both futile and destructive.
Price seems to be suggesting here that a promise kept can feel as futile as a promise that is betrayed.
For similar reasons, it would be futile to resurrect the rhetoric of early-twentieth-century social democracy.
Its gestures may be futile, but as a race it is a master of gesture.
Pressuring them to be paragons of positive thinking is futile.

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