fusion reactor in a sentence

Example sentences for fusion reactor

The other is to spend enough time on inventing a fusion reactor so there will never be any pollution.
The current plan for fusion reactor design would use graphite shielding to absorb the stray neutrons.
We know there is a fusion reactor of some kind in there.
It's possible that it can use solar power to start up a nuclear fusion reactor until it gets to break even.
But building a fusion reactor that can convert that tremendous heat into useful energy has posed an immense challenge.
Tokamak still needs improvement to become an attractive fusion reactor.
What steps with what estimated costs in what period must be taken until an economically usable fusion reactor will be available.
Furthermore, a high-performance fusion reactor will be realized by establishing steady-state operation.
Structural materials are those that have a load bearing purpose in the fusion reactor.
These fluxes can seriously damage fusion reactor surfaces.
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