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The procedure had been planned for months, and involved a spinal fusion and a nerve decompression.
Maybe controlled fusion will at last emerge from decades of uncontrolled spending.
Worries that such fusion might occur during human stem-cell therapy are therefore premature.
Fusion is the gaudiest of hopes, the fire of the stars in the human hearth.
Scientists have reported that by bombarding a liquid with sound they were able to produce nuclear fusion in a tabletop apparatus.
The primary line of evidence was the fusion of the skull bones.
Explosive devices based on fusion have been built for years.
As the centre's temperature rises to the point at which nuclear fusion can begin, the dust in the flattening disc coalesces.
In such heavy stars, radiation created by fusion in the core balances the pressure of the star's gravity.
Government review repeats cold fusion conclusions.
The history of fusion power is also a history of scientific frustration.
The instruments and devices used to support the fusion vary, however.
The fusion of these industries poses few serious regulatory concerns, mainly having to do with consumer protection.
The robust hind leg shows extensive fusion of bones in its shin and foot.
The method avoids the effects of high temperature that prevent other fusion processes from being practical.
It is a matter of time before nuclear fusion power is practical, if properly funded.
Fusion can no longer provide the energy to support the star's outer layers, and the core simply implodes.
Is it really correct to continue calling them dwarfs, likening them to stars at all, when they do not support fusion.
Such fusion might occur after white blood cells engulf tumor cells.
Few believe in fusion now, though uranium-powered fission reactors may be coming back into fashion.
In a unique fusion of biology and physics, researchers have created the world's first living laser.
The fusion bomb was a genocidal weapon with no military use, he argued.
Far better than wind, solar, fusion or anything else that may be on the horizon.
Their energies come from the star, and each of them operate on fusion reactions electromagnetic energy.
Fusion energy is on its way and the future may be not so bad.
Nuclear fusion is the energy source of the future and always will be.
Our cells remain chimeras, a hybrid fusion of unrelated creatures.
Its akin to putting in the diagram a power source that is cold fusion.
Upshot-Knothole involved the testing of new theories, using both fission and fusion devices.
Fusion is a clean form of energy where more energy is produced than what is used to create the initial reaction.
The mere fact of fusion does not seem to satisfy us as a clear indication of the inflective process.
Eventually, unless the world changes in some way quite new to history, the fusion will be accomplished.
From your own dreams you will doubtless recall the fusion of several persons into one.
Here they meet and become joined to one another by connective tissue, but there is never any fusion of the thymus tissue proper.
Again in metals, which in fusion are liquid but more tenacious, the molten drops often fly to the top and stick there.
The fusion of the cognitive and linguistic sciences is proceeding at an exhilarating rate.
The product is designed to let doctors perform certain types of spinal-fusion surgeries without harvesting bone from the hip.
Another has had both hips and knees replaced, spinal fusion, and is talking about shoulder replacement.
Many of these people are being told that fusion surgery is the solution.
It realizes a synesthetic fusion of dazzling spectacle and intimate touch.
But as the results of new research became known, and if more people became convinced that cold fusion worked, the odds would rise.
Two people cannot, however, merge into a single undifferentiated being and remain in that state of fusion indefinitely.
My long-term optimism relies on our mastery of nuclear fusion.
The band's sound is a fusion of styles, as each member brings a different feel and musical flavor to the table.
After such an explosion blows a star's outer layers into space, the core remains-but it no longer produces nuclear fusion.
Unlike stars, planets do not experience nuclear fusion, the process of combining tiny particles called atoms to release energy.
Deep in the sun's core, nuclear fusion reactions convert hydrogen to helium, which generates energy.
Cold fusion is possible because at extreme pressure heavy hydrogen reacts.
There he berated us for not taking cold fusion seriously enough.
Some say there's always fusion, but what they really mean is always sometime in the way, way future.
It is a magical fusion, an unexpected juxtaposition that creates an otherworldly moment.
She believes that there is a fusion between the two types of proselytization.
It is the fusion of pity and every other possible human emotion.
His unique production method was in the end a fusion of photography and painting.
Cold fusion is the dream that won't die for some nuclear physicists.
The hunt for fusion energy is one that has been plagued by false starts and overly-optimistic announcements.
You're right, of course, that fusion researchers have a miserable track record of meeting their goals.
They appeal to people in many ways because they represent a fusion of science, technology, natural chaos and art.
My mom was sent home with methadone after a spinal fusion surgery.
More and more, scientists are discovering that these fusion animals are a surprisingly common part of life's history.
The aim is to make those pellets undergo nuclear fusion-the process that causes stars to shine and hydrogen bombs to explode.
Eateries now offer crepes, wood-fired artisan bagels and north-west fusion cuisine.
The defenders of fusion point out that there is no solid evidence that splitting the two jobs does any good.
Fusion reactors use hydrogen isotopes and/or boron as fuels and cannot be used to make bombs.
By some theories, the energy released in this process is close to that needed for fusion.
Also what ever happened to fusion as a power source.
Nuclear fusion reactors, if they can be made to work, promise virtually unlimited power for the indefinite future.
Fusion inhibitors are the rising stars of the entry inhibitor group.
The company's mission is to solve intelligence discovery, integration and fusion problems for military leaders.

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