fusillade in a sentence

Example sentences for fusillade

It's only the latest fusillade in the on-going war between the sports leagues.
Innkeepers think the bans themselves are illegal, and have fired a fusillade of legal challenges.
With the data fusillade focused on a single port, the engineers could study it, even if they couldn't stop it.
In a fusillade of nails and other bits of metal two victims were killed and fifty-six wounded.
Not necessarily swans, even crows, even the evening fusillade of bats.
He barely takes a breath in his rhymes or pauses to inject stillness into the fusillade of words and ideas.
With the first phase of research finally finished, the group has decided to launch a fusillade of papers to scientific journals.
Needless to say, the engagement with their real-world counterparts means these two top contenders are in full fusillade mode.
Almost immediately, they came under a fusillade of fire from a large white building on the far edge of the apartment complex.
He was discovered and wounded in the fusillade that began as soon as he was seen.
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