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Furthermore it is sometimes more important to get published in a more selective journal rather than one with a high impact factor.
Furthermore no one actually knows what would happen to the virus if it adapted to grow in humans.
Furthermore whether or not defects inherently render someone more capable in other aspects isn't even being asked.
Furthermore there are other kids besides you on this blog that do enjoy this stuff.
Furthermore it is free, and simple enough that users need no training.
Furthermore, the colonists had virtually no history of cooperating with one another, even in the face of danger.
Furthermore, people go to great lengths to get honey.
Furthermore, some of the tests of the cats' behavior may not have given an accurate accounting of the cats' personality.
Furthermore, there is nothing that tells us whether the bird was alive or dead when the dinosaur consumed it.
Furthermore, our primal nature avoids food that are poisonous.
Furthermore, it is still worthwhile to try to determine the function of structures in particular dinosaur species.
Furthermore, a tech gap may well be increasing in an age of social-media revolution.
Furthermore, my home is my refuge from the grind of daily life.
Furthermore, any intelligence test will probably identify people based on economic status, not thought process.
Furthermore, speech acts are only taken seriously as discrimination when perpetrated by a faculty member against a student.
Furthermore, wages can be garnished for student loan defaults.
Furthermore, you teach the same courses year after year.
Furthermore, angry e-mails are written records of your mistakes.
Furthermore, academic economists suggest that in a time of recession, professors are even less inclined to retire.
Furthermore, nearly all the practices advocated in the interest of sustainability are win-win practices.
Furthermore, the winnings would no doubt go in part to her lawyer.
Furthermore, you are but one member of the committee.
Furthermore, the customary policy for professors is that if you take a semester sabbatical, you get full pay for that semester.
Furthermore, the average job stint for college presidents is growing, while that of provosts is shrinking.
Furthermore, none of these three terms can be altered without the equality being instantly destroyed.
Furthermore, there is no reason why you should be bored when you can be otherwise.
Furthermore, a belief once widely diffused takes on the authority of established usage.
Furthermore these priests be not more esteemed of their own countrymen, than they be of foreign and strange countries.
Furthermore all the vibrios, which crowded the liquid as motile threads, are destroyed and disappear.
Furthermore, the above sentence again points to my deceased friend, who so lightly took refuge in cocaine injections.
Furthermore, there are jokes whose technique may be traced to such a condensation.
Furthermore, parents must never disagree before the children.
Furthermore, repression has a place in the exhibition dream.
Furthermore, the mention of infanticide has not yet been explained.
Furthermore, few of them have survived from looting or natural transformations.
Furthermore, crows may provide clues to understanding human intelligence.
Furthermore, the amount of power you can generate using solar panels depends greatly on your local climate.
Furthermore, he said, magma needs to be relatively fluid and gas-rich before it can erupt.
Furthermore, the team may have identified the prehistoric mechanism that allowed snake fangs to develop from teeth.
Furthermore, the satellite measurements have helped flag a worrying side effect of excessive groundwater extraction.
Furthermore, the construction of hydroelectric dams to power aluminum refinement operations leads to further habitat destruction.
Furthermore, age and nutritional status can also influence the condition and color of the coat.
Furthermore, the younger members of the pack practiced and learned valuable hunting skills.
Furthermore, something had to be done for the people as well as for the chimps.
Furthermore there is a chance those officials responsible would receive a dose of there own medicine.
Furthermore, this process must yield adaptive directional change in the species overall.
Furthermore, this data pointed toward a widening achievement gap between the highest-achieving students and minorities.
Furthermore, almost six months in the end date remains predominantly in the hands of one political leader.
Furthermore, foreign food aid itself--while life-saving--risks exacerbating the underlying problem.
Furthermore, fanaticism is a form of belief that has become anti-social and violent.
Furthermore, similar to our own world, they found distinct differences between the social structures of good guys and bad guys.
And it's easy to imagine, furthermore, that shift bringing a new life to books both as consumer goods and as epistemic objects.
Furthermore, many of the cuts are disproportionately large when compared to overall budget cuts.
Furthermore, the influx of menus had no impact on the family's culinary habits.
Furthermore, they will be looking for metrics which are not under the control of the other side.
Furthermore, employers will often find wage cuts damaging to morale.
Furthermore, you're encouraging people to break a federal law the airlines are charged to enforce.
Furthermore, the fire-setting infrared part of the flash peaks a few seconds later than the initial burst of light.
Furthermore, the availability of cheap water encourages farmers to lavish it on inappropriately thirsty crops.
Furthermore, butter-makers often add heavy doses of salt, partly to compensate for blandness and chiefly to add shelf life.
Furthermore, culture is not static, but always changing.
Furthermore, it is interesting to note that only four years ago the trip would have cost about a thousand time that figure.
Furthermore, it must be based on a broad view of our economic situation as a whole.
Furthermore, the exportable surplus has kept the trade deficit from reaching unsupportable levels.
Furthermore, certain regions may house mosquitoes that are resistant to the alternative chemicals.
But furthermore, the myth that sharks are cancer-free is still believed by many intelligent people.
Furthermore, a long shower does not usually induce arthritis pain.
Furthermore, the cursor trajectories were more curved when the words sounded similar.
Furthermore, they do not require pressure vessels as they operate at atmospheric pressure.
Furthermore, their color capabilities do not involve a measurement of each photon's precise frequency.
Furthermore, radioactive water is continuing to leak from the plant.
Furthermore, it could allow for the return of chloroquine itself.
Furthermore, they have identified a pattern of seismic activity that may threaten the area again.
Furthermore, insurers could deny people health coverage or raise the premiums they have to pay.
Furthermore, our memories also vary considerably in their precision.
Furthermore, pure cocaine could be bought legally at retail stores.
Furthermore, researchers might be able to use the sticky beads to rid contaminated blood products of pathological prions.
Furthermore, tyrannosaurs would have had the additional aid of their tails.
Furthermore, takers do not realize how greedy they appear to those on the receiving end.
Furthermore, different genotypes respond to the same environmental changes differently from each other.
Furthermore gas partial pressures may significantly affect things.
Furthermore there can be a large number of different genes that code for a single type of resistance.
Furthermore, the government is increasingly relying on physical rather than electronic surveillance.
Furthermore, the effects of chronic stress directly counteract improvements in medical care and public health.
Furthermore, dioxins are not some newfangled product of the industrial age.
Furthermore, if any good has come from these bills, it's the bipartisan resentment to the lobbying that bought them.
Furthermore, while the cells were rapidly dividing, they weren't differentiating into specialized tissues.
Furthermore, upgrades supported by mileage or instruments will be prioritized over complimentary upgrades.
Furthermore, the offense has developed another weapon.
Furthermore, this is another easy navigable airport, as it only has three terminals.
Furthermore, these kiosks always charge either a flat fee or a percentage commission.
Furthermore, his company's research shows that runners and walkers typically prefer to run and walk outside if possible.
Furthermore, dogs must be neutered, and cats must not be under treatment for feline upper respiratory infection.
Furthermore, all the media reports about hotels being at risk for cybercrimes made the thieves fearful that they could get caught.
Furthermore the city council may be trying to rouse a sleeping giant.
Furthermore, usually the earliest form of spoilage on a cheese is mold.
Furthermore, the list of problems they uncovered continued to grow.
Furthermore, a new technological platform will arise and commodity prices will fall once again.
Furthermore, firms can leapfrog over the experience curve by means of innovation and invention.
Furthermore, many housing markets are overvalued, relative to both incomes and rents.
Furthermore, some say the plan is not particularly well thought through.
Furthermore, it would be possible to see where the contrast agents built up, and hence determine the extent of a tumour.
Furthermore, many hedge funds own over-the-counter derivatives written by their prime brokers.
Furthermore the labelling scheme is really aimed only at fat people.
Furthermore, the fracking debate centers on a non-vehicular fuel.
Furthermore,a quick web search shows that it's been independently tested to ensure efficacy.
Furthermore, the prime minister has appointed a commission of inquiry led by a retired judge to examine the navy's action.
Furthermore, buying the translation rights is no guarantee that the book will actually be translated.
Furthermore, as they were shunned, the defectors began to change their behaviour.
Furthermore, there seems to be an underlying difference in psychology.
Furthermore, he's hardly the first politician with a tuneful side.
Furthermore, he initially sided against the uprising.
Furthermore, the squeeze is getting tighter every day.
Furthermore, while there was toilet paper, there was no soap.
Once she dies, furthermore, you can't get her off the stage.
Furthermore, if recessions can feature lengthy upturns perhaps the panel should have waited even longer to make its pronouncement.
Furthermore, he organized his life entirely around his work.
Furthermore, the dancing of feelings is a limited business.
Furthermore, there seemed to be no good options for dealing with it.
Furthermore, due to a long career in film, he is impossible to disguise.
The early days of the mob, furthermore, would seem to be fresh territory.
The fight, furthermore, had two legitimate sides to it.
Furthermore not using a placebo would not allow scientists to make an accurate correlation.
Furthermore, discussion groups establish unique norms of linguistic and social behavior so there are biases toward conformity.
Furthermore, none of the correlations had significant genetic components.
Furthermore, a number of researchers think that correcting for body size makes the brain size discrepancy disappear.
Furthermore, boats detected at different times in the hazard area resulted in additional unprogrammed holds.
Furthermore, this technology would likely be used to defend against ballistics and surface threats.
Furthermore, his invention saves his life and enables him to move beyond his personal demons.
Furthermore, the tossed vehicles get sold and reused, merely transferring the pollution somewhere else.
Furthermore, it seems to me that parenthood is a thankless and unenviable occupation.
Furthermore, some of the categories don't necessarily refer to one thing.
Furthermore, he thought he knew where to look for them: in the weird underworld of quantum mechanics.
Furthermore, quantum mechanics insists that the photons don't have precise properties until they are measured.
Furthermore, the matched whistle will allow for a more natural integration of communication into the dolphin's speech.
Furthermore, that society must have been highly organized.
Furthermore, evidence suggests that even some highly irregular systems were consciously designed.
Furthermore, they manage this on only one-third the ocean's breadth and in only a tiny fraction of its depth.
Furthermore, two tons of trees per ton of paper remain standing due to recycling.
Furthermore, the total number of untried political prisoners has not changed significantly in the last four years.
The indignation rises in volume, furthermore, because there seems to be no remedy for it.
Furthermore, all were aware of how misleading these figures are.
Furthermore, horse meat is not safe for human consumption.
Furthermore, the price tag on green-energy subsidies may be overstated.
Furthermore, spin needs to be interpreted, which is the journalist's job.
Furthermore, not everyone who has a cell phone has a smartphone.
Furthermore, these options must be covered under health insurance.
Furthermore it did not specify how fast these change happen.
Furthermore, because it's extremely sensitive, it could detect signs of disease invisible to current tools.
Furthermore, when larger amounts of dye are used in the other materials, they start to aggregate.
Furthermore, the directional nature of laser light means that optical pulses in different places won't interfere with each other.
Furthermore, it can be worn for long periods of time without any side effects, and it can be easily removed.
Furthermore this won't be the last war fought over oil.
Furthermore, the work suggests that this growth factor may help with spinal-cord injuries as well.
Furthermore, after a drug is out in the world, it can be used off-label by doctors.
Furthermore, the food versus energy argument is also misguided.
Furthermore, the slowdown of emerging economies as well as a dramatic reduction in the price of oil further hinders the situation.
Furthermore, camcorders do not average frames, as eyes and brains do.
Furthermore, schizophrenics seem to have higher levels of cannabinoids in their brains.
Furthermore, an owner's rights to the property are never extinguished.

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