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The process requires little additional energy to run, and can further cut down on energy costs by producing its own power.
Solar-heated water circulates in a radiant-heat floor that is further warmed by winter sun.
Each orb suggests a ball of flowers, a look further enhanced by the rosette shapes of the plants.
You're right, stunning garden entrances draw one further in.
Another high trellis near the roofline of the house further defines the entrance.
The ceiling has a series of recessed panels that contain incandescent downlights to further brighten and define the space.
When they arrive, the stores further refrigerate them to preserve them for sale.
Mirrors, sconces, and other wall accessories further define each space.
So this weekend is your best chance to see it and it should be much further along by then.
Further, the critter is going to die within inches of eating it.
Strong teaching record, with experience in developing curriculum to use experimental learning to further educational goals.
The appointment will be for one year, renewable for a further two years.
Further, the differences of learning styles within a single student complicate things even further.
In the south winters are cool but sunny, but as one moves further north temperatures drop and snow falls.
Now researchers have found that further raising levels of the stress hormones in the body can actually reduce a phobic's anxiety.
It was a metabolic oddity that could throw off further laboratory results.
The system can also suggest further tests or preventive measures, when available.
The work further showed that the fewer receptors, the less responsive the animals were to morphine.
Another is that the best wind resources, the ones with no environmental controversy are further off-shore, in deeper water.
The mapping further revealed that unnecessary neuronal connections get pruned over the years.
Any takers for this theory and can anyone guide me to develop this theory further.
Too much exposure to the ills bred in the human mind begets further unrest in the soul.
It would be perfect if it were further developed to sustain body weight so that sitting was an option.
The problem is that the generating capacity of these plants is slipping further and further behind the growth in demand.
The effect is further enhanced by the streaks of reds, gold and oranges highlighting the surface.
The more proactive you are, the further you will go.
Maths departments are so keen on candidates with further maths that they often accept them with lower grades in other subjects.
If it moved further to the periphery, its clout in negotiations would be further reduced.
It could catalyse further mergers that would bring gains of their own.
Complicating matters further is a heated debate over language.
The backlog of unsold houses remains high, and rising mortgage rates may further dampen demand.
Now he has been sacked from this second role, and he seems likely to be further marginalised in his first position as well.
It's part of a broader attempt to seed not only seed the market with devices but also spur further app development.
It also said scaling up production would cut costs further.
But scientists fear further seal attacks as the number of people working in the region continues to rise.
They rushed to the escape pod, where they waited for further orders.
If temperatures drop further, plates and columns form again.
Within each zone are further distinctions that indicate a more specific type of climate.
Now the rebels held responsible have vowed to stop further ape killings.
See the sidebar at right for further details along with information on how to apply for a seed grant.
Yet astronomers have to reach back billions of years further than archaeologists.
From still further up the river, the traders may furnish a conveyance for letters.
Salt oozed upward, splitting the rocks, and then water cracked them open further as it froze and thawed.
Seven other species were rated as likely to become invasive, and the last needed further evaluation.
Sometimes voters handed their votes to election clerks for deposit, inviting further fiddling with the results.
But the corps further concluded that such scouring would deepen the river enough to accommodate even a huge flood.
It made me realize that watercolor could be pushed further and further.
Further west, experience the business of one of the state's keen crops: cotton.
Further discoveries will inform our still-growing understanding of how these flying reptiles reproduced.
Modifications of the trachea to allow speech pushed the trachea and esophagus further down the throat to make way.
Further civil wars destroyed much of the library's contents.
Further research should give the scientists insight into the genetic basis behind the radiation of this genus.
Yet the paleontologists took their studies a step further.
How much further back it went remained for later scientists to discover.
So there grows up in the troop of children a communal or group feeling, which is then further developed at school.
Alliteration, puns and further word-play were other devices employed to the same end.
Further messages awaited them at the lower club-house.
He who rides on the giant's shoulders sees further than he who carries him.
He raised questions in such a way as to provoke further enquiry.
The close connection between totem and taboo indicates the further paths to the hypothesis maintained here.
If you want dramatic impact on your holiday table, look no further.
Wrap hot chestnuts in a kitchen towel and squeeze gently to further loosen shells.
Further, the remaining marinade is simmered with saffron to create its own distinctive dipping sauce for the kebabs.
And a few chefs have taken the idea even further, constructing entire tasting menus with chocolate.
Tougher cuts stand up well to the low-heat method, as the extended time they require in the oven further tenderizes the meat.
Science is burrowing its way into ever further into popular culture.
We need look no further than the latest in celebrity bad behavior for an example.
Since methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, that release could further accelerate global warming.
To crush the ball further, each ridge has to buckle in two.
Further, it sometimes helps the other eye, the one without the implant.
Further animal work would not be useful, he argued, since no animal models of mental illness existed.
They set the liquid aside for further study, testing the liquid on wounds in various parts of hamsters and rats.
Belcher is working to improve the batteries' storage capacity further by experimenting with different virus-coat materials.
So sometimes it's closer, sometime it's further away.
Further tweaks to regulatory genes in the worm's metabolic pathways have upped its life span sixfold.
The insect was aspirated and sent to the lab for further identification.
Future discoveries will no doubt suggest new categories and further blur the boundaries of old ones.
Rat research is still in its infancy, but researchers are already broadening their scope in search of further insights.
On further examination, though, the ruins did not confirm the theory.
Over the next few years, scientific journals would publish responses and further verifications.
We were urged to remain calm, to stay inside, to await further instructions.
There may be further changes, so it would be wise to check with the newspapers before making plans.
But the production's nay-saying goes further than that.
The hunter stamped on some of the nearest ants, then moved away, so as not to enrage himself further.
He bought his own balloon with money from a fund established to further science and the public good.
But whatever can add further to our knowledge and understanding of the entire phenomenon is to be welcomed.
Hardly a day goes by without news of some further disaster wreaked by the freezing up of credit.
Then he was told that one of the survivors was too disabled to be trusted further.
When that point is reached, the government can begin to cut back spending to reduce it further.
Further, there is an enormous difference in motivation between humans and apes.
It is preparing to do clinical trials, but is first doing further animal tests.
And if those thin films are made with amorphous silicon, the cost is further reduced.
But within five years, experts say, they may not be able to push electronic signaling any further.
GM is adding extra steel braces to the steel tunnel to further protect the battery.
The oil can be extracted and further processed to make a range of fuels, including diesel and jet fuel, as well as other products.
Playing through such injuries puts an athlete in danger of sustaining further, more severe brain damage.
Much further out, they could power electric jet engines.
And there should also be habitable planets further away too.
The researchers also inserted genes into yeast that allow it to ferment xylose, further increasing its ethanol yield.
In some of the infected mice, the virus appears to have declined to such low levels that the animals need no further treatment.
Next-generation modules with more advanced technology should bring down the cost further.
And for longer putts against steeper gradients, the smaller and further away from the whole this diamond becomes.
My intuitive sense was that highlighting the industry connection would immediately prevent skeptics from reading further.
His reaction is to withdraw even further-and she then pursues him with her stream of endless woes, complaints, and accusations.
And he further acknowledges the benefits educational technology can offer disabled students.
We must not chain children's minds to finished concepts, but give them concepts capable of further growth and expansion.
It is a challenge to us to seek further utilization of our own natural resources.
He urged that such programs be expanded and further developed.
The basic tenet of this culture of achievement is that he who goes further in school will go further in life.
First, it makes new homes even less attractive which further reduces construction jobs.
And the fact that people live longer may further change that equation.
As the exception, rather than the norm, the fourth stage merits no further description.
The second is that having coined it, he pushes it no further than it ought to be pushed.
The show drifted further and further away from interesting character development and edged closer every week to self-parody.
Extremists go one further and say the world is coming to an end.
Further, they don't make junk out of some callous desire to inflict bland pain on our eyeballs.
Lawsuits were filed, which yielded further information.
Further, some war-related spending has been pushed out of the government altogether and is borne by private parties.
On the contrary, lower wages and incomes would simply reduce demand, weakening the economy further.

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