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Moisture-conserving thick, typically furry or hairy leaves are lance-shaped.
Hairy tongue is a harmless condition in which the tongue looks hairy or furry.
Kirk's dedicated attempt to keep those furry monsters off our sunflowers.
Not from humans but from our furry four legged neighbors.
Furry green plastic branches frame the portholes, decorations for the holidays.
Some non-profits are trying to step in and encourage people not to abandon their furry friends at shelters in the first place.
Furry protesters scaled buildings, occupied production lines and unfurled banners.
In this game players rotate falling shapes so that they slot neatly together instead of saving self-destructive furry animals.
It eventually took government intervention to confiscate the furry contraband and shut down the sweatshops.
Once a furry inmate acquires a taste for human flesh, the theory went, it can never be trusted again.
The fisher is a furry, brown, bushy-tailed member of the weasel family.
She answers this riddle about our furry friends' strange behavior.
What brought this diverse group together was research on the blind mole rat, a furry sausage with comically prominent teeth.
Most large, furry animals trigger sympathy in us, but none more than the great apes.
Flying around with my friends, blasting furry animals.
Fail to kick a ball away to the rhythm of the music and the furry critters get a pigskin to the face.
Sensors stuffed into it help it make some gestures such as lifting one of its furry hands up in response to external stimuli.
It's big, it's furry, it's a dead science fiction critter.
The sloth is the world's slowest mammal, so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat.
Both cats have fluffy, furry faces and stubby tails.
But now researchers say this playful scene reveals yet another extraordinary resemblance between ourselves and our furry cousins.
The temperature rise has put feathered, furry, and scaly animals alike in a state of flux.
They also put a radio collar around her soft, furry neck.
Huge furry paws let lynx run across snow to catch prey.
Each time the owner of four dogs goes, she takes along a different furry friend.
Small and furry, the carnivores are known for their unearthly howl and cranky temperament.
In the painting the flowers lean out of a vase, furry and disheveled.
Another new species of tube-nosed bat spreads its furry wings.
Snowshoe hares have especially large, furry feet that help them to move atop snow in the winter.
Looks furry, but if you dont mind that it is a warm fleece.
The deep-sea crabs farm bacteria on their furry arms as the crustaceans' main sources of food, scientists have discovered.
Right outside the entrance, there is a hiking, jogging and biking path perfect for walks with a furry friend.
Traveling with pets can be challenging, as many hotels and resorts would rather not cater to our furry friends.
Lovers of the outdoors will enjoy visiting the region's natural wonders with their furry companions.
The hotel welcomes furry friends as well, as long as they are well-behaved.
For others, riding with furry friends is an invaluable public transit perk.
Happy little learners filed out of school at midday, smiling in their furry jackets and clutching a parent's hand.
They're only toys: cuddly cloth cowboys, adorable insects, furry monsters.
Whether you volunteer or get paid, dog walking is a fun, furry way to be physically active.
For example, let's say you decide fish should be furry to keep warm in the cold ocean.
Kids of all ages will gasp with glee at this freaky and furry collection of exotic animals.
Our biscuits come in various sizes, flavors and shapes, which are perfect for any furry friend.

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