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Along its line of attachment to the buccal epithelium is a shallow groove, the dental furrow.
Everyone plows the straight-ahead furrow to work or home.
Consultants have rethought strategy to the nth degree but seldom furrow their brows about sales.
Their friends may give them strange looks, so teach them to clench their fists and furrow their brow to sell it.
With silicone, once a wrinkle or furrow is flattened, it stays that way.
His determination to plough a clean furrow between socialism and capitalism has the ring of truth.
In place of gunplay, brainiacs furrow their brows and stare into space in an effort to connect the dots.
And if you furrow your nose, you can still whiff the infectious high spirits that must have gone into its writing.
All these are embedded in his every furrow and gesture.
They have little oil, so they furrow their brows to find alternatives.
There is a small furrow above the bridge of his nose, where a piece of bone is missing, leaving a slight indentation.
She kicked her foot over the furrow, and with mouth drawn down shook her head once or twice in a little strutting way.
Now the careerism of academia has taken over, and the etiquette is that one has to stick to one's own little furrow.
Maybe he was still too immature, too easily angered, too likely to furrow his brow at the slightest provocation.
The medial or nasal surface presents a longitudinal furrow, corresponding to the crest on the lateral surface.
He laid himself down to sleep in a furrow, heart-broken and supperless.
The maxillary sinus presents the appearance of a furrow on the lateral wall of the nose.
His face was as grey as his long grey beard, his forehead was lifted and fixed finally in a furrow of mild despair.
Thus, furrow stream sizes need to be cutback or reduced during the post advance phase to match the reduced furrow intake rate.
Irrigation systems used included simulated furrow irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation, and surface drip irrigation.
Freeman can now water the whole field in one day, in contrast to the furrow system which took several days.

Famous quotes containing the word furrow

For this is action, this is not being sure, this careless Preparing, sowing the seeds crooked in the furrow... more
... while our men seem thoroughly abreast of the times on almost every other subject, when they strike the woman questio... more
Remit as yet no grace, No furrow on the glow, Yet a druidic difference Enhances nature now.... more
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