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Example sentences for furor

The furor over the demise of the scholarly monograph in the humanities comes from diverse academic quarters.
What if nationalistic furor grips the nation and drives it towards a belligerent nature.
Oblivious to the furor he had created, he was all angelic innocence.
He presented his ideas at conferences and invited seminars months before the media furor.
So of course a forum furor erupted about the announcement.
Accordingly, some of the furor over the fiasco has died down.
And then last year's furor about incarceration rates was a whole new level of silly.
If it were not for the huge public furor ongoing, and instead all were devoted to solving the problem, other options would appear.
He was obviously unprepared for the furor he unleashed.
In response to the furor, artists began to avoid forbidden images or conceal them under dotting, stippling and cross-hatches.
Instead there's an eery absence of two stroke furor.
Needless to say, the commentaries immediately ignited a furor within the party.
Despite-or rather, because of-the furor, the images remain highly accessible.
Cartoon furor exposes deeper meaning of war on terrorism.
The public furor, based upon fear and ignorance, forced him to leave his school.
The story made national headlines and raised a furor among non-Indians.
But, a furor arose and many claimed that the original symmetry and meaning of the design were destroyed.
The other though, would no doubt have created quite a furor if it had been included in the new regulations.
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