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Example sentences for furiously

Fires start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely.
Fires under extreme conditions start quickly, spread furiously, and burn intensely.
Fires under extreme conditions start quickly, spread furiously and burn intensely.
With a sudden gust of wind, the flag waves furiously.
When he got to our yard, our two dogs would get excited and bark furiously.
Without a word from the hunters, our dogs and those of another sled begin pulling furiously in their harnesses.
Of course the energy companies, presidents, investors and other interested mafias lobby furiously against that.
After a while, the roach starts grooming itself furiously for some time, followed by complete stillness.
But not everyone is ready for such a close-contact and furiously-paced event.
He barks furiously, and tugs on there pants to make them go back to there positions on the sofa.
Scribbling furiously on a clipboard, the group dashes off down the hallway.
When the cue came from the conductor, he started cranking furiously, but no sound emitted.
Dot stared at it furiously, her mind a blur of anticipation.
Finally she gives way and flings herself furiously on the floor raging.
And then when she came back into town she again drove furiously through the quiet streets.
Having completed the half-circle, he let him drop, and urged him furiously in the opposite direction.
Smilodon, on the other hand, hunted by stabbing its prey with its furiously long and thin curled canines.
Their vascular systems constrict furiously to keep blood pressure up-until, suddenly, nothing.
Crustaceans swim by furiously beating their segmented legs, aided by branches that grow from their joints.
Instead of winding down, they would suddenly inflate even more furiously, expanding into their own enormous universes.
Afterward, there was a surprised buzz in the auditorium as listeners confessed to loving a sometimes furiously dissonant piece.
It might not have been so angry, so tortured, so furiously lonely.
Nana smokes furiously while texting on her cell phone, her brow furrowed in concentration.
As the weeks slipped away, her attorneys worked furiously to secure her release.
Since the crisis, governments have been borrowing furiously to make up for retrenchment in private spending.
Utility companies, food conglomerates and regional governments lobby furiously.
The urge to climb faster and more furiously than anyone else led him, inevitably, towards drugs.
They clapped furiously, though the sound was muffled by thick gloves.
When economic forecasts are flying furiously, it's important to grasp their limits.
Politicians will argue furiously about which way round the arrow of causation ought to run.
Water users along the line of the river are protesting furiously.
BT is furiously trying to revive itself, and has several years to do so.
Both females furiously weave their tapestries, which are described at considerable length.
She furiously ate bags of corn chips and other food, purged the food, then ate again.
Others hurtle furiously through a high-tech netherworld.
Even this the best scene here, is furiously ill-directed, with cutting that really hampers the rhythm of the music.
Pure, witty and unexpected dialog delivered fast and furiously.
We have crucial new products coming out and we're furiously working to get ready.
But at the mention of his older brother, he becomes agitated and taps a table furiously.
But the city is still furiously finishing some of the venues.
Cameramen snapped to, reporters pounded furiously on their notebooks and the crowd buzzed.
It has battled furiously and fractiously with its employees.
The other one is they're furiously independent and determined.
New communications technology and platforms in particular are arriving fast and furiously.
Students continue to furiously scribble in their notebooks.
He quickly grabbed an envelope from his shirt pocket and began to furiously scribble notes on it.
If it is not the breeding season, they will fight furiously to defend their territory.
The collapse of the roof was sudden and unexpected and the fire began to burn furiously.
Many of those who do have them are scribbling furiously in notebooks as the meeting progresses.
The smoldering material can really burn furiously when it's suddenly exposed to air.
Think of nucleons as three quark flecks, tossed furiously inside a little subatomic tornado.
Putting something solid into the water, such as pasta, will cause the water to boil furiously.
At the same time he would paddle with his hands furiously.
When disturbed, they wiggle furiously and try to escape by dropping to the ground on a thread of silk.
He furiously cleared ten inches of snow off his car and driveway so he could respond to the crisis.
When you eat anything sugary, or with lots of simple carbohydrate, they begin to multiply furiously.
History, after all, deals with matters that were furiously debated by the participants.
Remember that stress is a response to change, and in our world change comes fast and often furiously.

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