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Example sentences for furious

Maybe she was so furious after her wild afternoon that she vented on the egg.
The budget-induced elimination of some journals hasn't left faculty furious or led to penalties from publishers, librarians say.
The well-conditioned thin are made furious by the fatties-the abstemious being singularly disposed to fury.
Everybody's furious about the bonuses being paid out to finance folks, but nobody quite knows what to do about it.
Battling furious winds and rain, a team of cavers explores a bleak island at the bottom of the world.
They lived with a furious energy-amid clamoring noise and children in doorways.
The motivation to innovate is pressing forward at a furious pace.
The famous climber sprang into furious counterattack.
Our makeshift campsite was blown to tatters by the backwash of the furious blades.
The two blue devices emit a furious cerulean with the slightest hint of violet.
The former was accepted: but a furious storm which ensued caused them to change their minds.
The prefect grew furious at his constancy, and at length commanded his head to be beaten to pieces.
There was a furious yelling and howling all about us.
He imagined the reporter could hear what was being said and the thought made him furious.
He took to closeting himself in his studio all night long, producing drawing after drawing, at furious speed.
He's scared, confused, and above all furious that his algorithms are failing.
In the period of three to four seconds during which the shutter remained open, the camera clearly captured the furious gunfire.
These questions should make each and every one of us furious.
Despite furious opposition from unions, the conditions were less onerous than the retailers had feared.
Both the rate of retention and the furious pace of investment could be cut if companies were made to pay dividends.
The report has not yet been made public, but the government is furious that an independent inquiry took place at all.
So the shrimpers, furious, have filed a lawsuit alleging that the fish-excluder is based on flawed research.
Buckets and buckets he'd emptied everywhere, in a furious, joyous process.
In the book's first pages, a furious self-inquiry builds up.
The other federation members were said to be furious at what they considered her presumption.
Nearly every piece of technology is furious hand-waving.
So wherever you see those blobs of red, stars are forming at a furious rate.
He is pure, furious id smashing his way through any obstacle.
At the centers of the galaxies these clouds ram each other, collapse, and form stars at a furious rate.
He listened to the presentation with an almost furious concentration.
Throughout early childhood, synapses multiply and are pruned away at a furious pace.
Three days later, he asked her out, and a furious courtship ensued.
But the furious bandleader wasn't letting go easily.
Funny furious-he did it all with a twinkle in his eye-but furious.
Anyone who writes at the furious pace he does is bound to repeat himself, bound to get tired or stale.
The leopard was snarling and furious at being caught, with its hind leg gashed by a wire snare.
The denunciations have come in fast and furious from the right.
The polls are starting to come fast and furious these days.
My sister was so furious, she barely spoke to me during my father's last years.

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