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Amid its funky martial arts, a moral lesson comes through: things are not always what they seem.
As petrol prices rise, policymakers and venture capitalists are suddenly embracing funky alternatives.
Funky decor and panoramic views from its wraparound balcony.
One scientist's quest to understand some funky fins taps a new crowdsourcing model to funding his project.
He wasn't doing an oldies show, he was doing funky new material.
The funky shop is jammed full of vintage clothing, western wear, and costumes.
And no more funky monocle attached to a helmet for a heads-up display.
Her company recycles old fur into funky patchwork garments.
There is something funky going on with the grammar.
Next door, the ceramics gallery always has something interesting going on, from lush tableware to funky pots.
Use your app's color-correction tools to remove funky tints by boosting the opposite color in the scene.
Yet the funky fish wharf lives on in olfactory glory.
It's a rare animal that doesn't seek romantic attention in a funky way.
Sprinkle said she liked the old, funky and decomposing quality of the films, but digitized her work for preservation purposes.
The atmosphere is relaxed, the food is satisfying and prices are low at this funky island spot.
Some of it was terrifying and tacky, but some of it was interesting or crazily funky.
There's also a selection of evening dresses, shoes, funky costume jewelry and dresses for toddlers.
Maybe it will be meditative, and maybe it will get funky.
Attaching funky cables to your laptop may not be elegant, but it gets the job done.
Further, you could put some spin on it to make it do funky stuff.
Funky properties of frozen water may have made life possible.
She really liked the funky white pig with the glowing green mouth.
The look is funky enough to please the brand's faithful, yet mainstream enough to appeal to a variety of buyers.
Funky cob house is first to meet extreme-green standard.
He's got a funky, neon-green metal pole where his other leg used to be.

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