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So we're going to have to watch out for mold and other fungal diseases.
The pruning improves air circulation, lessening the chance of fungal and bacterial mildews and rot.
Irrigate gently, keeping the stem or trunk and crown of the plant dry to prevent fungal infections.
The genes in question make anti-microbial proteins-and so far, the cells seem to be shielded from some natural fungal predators.
They are a pallid, parasitic sort of thing whose fungal relatives infest your feet.
It may be a grain of dust, a speck of soot from a forest fire, a fungal spore-or a particle of industrial pollution.
The culprit was anthracnose, a fungal disease best known for infecting mangoes.
Fortunately, the ants possess a potent defense against this fungal weed that usually prevents its proliferation.
They may eventually prove effective against fungal and parasitic infections.
Named for a distinctive ring of fungal growth around the muzzle, the disease also infests ears and wings.
Ordinarily, the immune system of any mammal will work to fight off a fungal parasite.
Radiologists have already identified signs of tuberculosis or a fungal lung infection.
Sulfur and copper are minerals with a long history of use to control fungal diseases.
Numerous bacterial and fungal species have been cultured from the mouths of alligators.
When the cicadas die from the fungal infection their bodies spread more spores into the ground.
Much of the coral had died from fungal and other diseases thriving in warmer seas.
Leaf-cutter ants cultivate fungal gardens underground, harvesting fungus grown on composted leaves.
Pitcher plants could be source of anti-fungal medicine.
Treatment for the infection includes a long course of anti-fungal medication.
The red dots on the blue and yellow fungal protein show where these interfaces disappeared.
By integrating fungal genes into its own genomes, it gained a superpower that almost all other animals lack.
And nobody knows exactly how people are infected by it, although scientists suspect it might be by breathing in fungal spores.
The ambrosia beetles tunnel into trees, then use the chambers they create to grow the fungal crops they eat.
The chemical dye battles fish parasites and fungal infections.
The disease is marked by fungal growth and loss of fat reserves that kills hibernating bats.
Because fungal medications can be toxic, they are ordinarily withheld until a diagnosis confirms the pathogen type.
Some were displayed under bright lights or left in humid rooms, leading to fungal growth, metal corrosion and degraded plastics.
In some public pools it is required to walk through a trough containing an anti-fungal solution before entering the deck area.
Caterpillar fungus forms during the winter, when fungal spores attach to a caterpillar and begin to consume its body.
They spread the fungal spores in their dung, completing the cycle.
One boron compound is used to treat wood to prevent fungal decay and repel carpenter ants, roaches and termites.
Explanations range from vanishing habitats, fungal infections, cannibalism and predation to the far more ominous.
Some of those relationships are parasitic, as in our own fungal diseases.
Fungal ball is not invasive and is nearly always treatable.
Sinusitis refers to inflammation of the sinuses that occurs with a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.
Often, they can detect the presence of fungal infections.
People with fungal infections of the feet may have cellulitis that keeps coming back.
Sometimes, a skin biopsy or skin scraping may be needed to rule out other causes, such as a fungal infection.
Bacterial, parasitic, fungal and granulomatous liver diseases.
Tomato plants are susceptible to several fungal diseases which cause tomato leaves to develop spots.
Good air circulation is key to preventing the evil fungal disease called damping off.
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