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It said the funds made an annual return of eighty-eight per cent, which means they almost doubled their money every year.
Among money-market mutual funds, which invest in short-term debt and other instruments, it is the other way round.
Second, healthcare venture funds that survived the crash had full portfolios of companies burning cash at alarming rates.
US zoos are beginning to direct larger portions of their panda funds to conserving the animals in the wild.
The laws, however, contain no provisions for extra personnel or funds.
He then gave him the desired sum from his private funds.
Funds generated would mainly go towards conservation programs such as reforestation and forest monitoring.
Going forward, zoos must actually put funds and manpower into both research and saving habitat in the wild all over the world.
These auctions help local volunteer fire companies raise much needed funds.
Scanning and matching the rocks' magnetic signatures, which require more funds to complete, are the crucial complement.
He attends to every detail, and he has the funds to remake the capital to his liking.
Normally, when the mutual fund industry detects a winning trend, it pumps out new funds to attract new investors.
The candidate may not raise or spend any additional funds, except to cover legal and accounting expenses.
Some types of bond funds have even gained ground in the past few weeks.
But these funds are increasingly the subject of coming-out parties.
Mutual funds are traded and priced at the end of the day.
Index funds have given individual investors a low-cost way of putting their money to work.
Extending unemployment benefits was also an excellent use of stimulus funds, since that money tends to get spent immediately.
He briefly worked selling mutual funds to finance his art.
Obviously, this is not the best time in the world to be raising charitable funds for any cause.
He could treasure up funds, he came to believe, in his own brain.
High borrowing and the credit crisis are bad enough for hedge funds.
These funds typically back businesses that dabble in clean tech or hire locals.
Perhaps half of all hedge funds will go out of business.
Most funds have an upper limit on how much of their capital they can put.
The firms that manage these funds are increasingly well known.
Private-equity firms and hedge funds spy opportunity, too.
Fees rose in line with the amount of funds under management.
The cost of obtaining funds externally often exceeds the cost of internal funds generated through retained earnings.
The choice of funds within the pension plan is therefore extremely important.
It had been in trouble since two of its hedge funds collapsed last summer.
These funds expect their deposits to be available on demand and at par.
By focusing on the managers who run hedge funds, the system has so far avoided any major instances of fraud.
The world's only telescopes devoted to searching for aliens went dark two months ago because of a lack of funds.
He probably can't participate in tax equity funds, either.
Think of it as a prepaid gift card that you add funds to periodically.
The matter at hand was a proposal to ban the purchase of polyvinyl chloride products using city funds.
He used the funds to sign obscure, overlooked films that had no theatrical or video distribution.
Wealth may not be the only thing people spread when they fork over funds.
Interestingly, they don't say how the extra funds would be spent.
Allocate research funds and time on viruses that are already wiping out species.
Governments getting loans from sovereign funds only makes the debt situation worse.
If there was even a glimmer of success than private funds would be available.
It is ambitious but would be an appropriate and wise expenditure of government funds.
In a few years, there may not be the funds to operate the facility.
None of the funds they get are used for early detection.
And in terms of appropriated funds, the authorizations are only a hunting license to get appropriations.
It is much easier for bankers and hedge funds to make money from manipulating the market than trying to predict fundamentals.
Every dollar that funds an unpromising area of research is a dollar less for promising research.
They are currently working on raising funds to put it through testing.
In the world of some there are unlimited funds to be spent on anything you believe is a priority.
With real money on the line, one player was in charge of proposing how the two would split the funds via a computer interface.
In order to conduct research in modern science, large amounts of typically state-provided funds must be acquired.
Visitors to the site of his laboratory will see the monument to his dogs that he built with his own funds.
By any measure, creating a special strategy to feather the nests of fancy universities is not a responsible use of federal funds.
It will include a stipend, relocation funds, and health benefits.
Financiers are coveted candidates for governing boards, offering valuable investment guidance for endowment funds.
Despite those increases, many funds do not appear to have erased the losses they suffered during the recession.
Cutting future unmanned missions would cause uproar among the scientific community while freeing up only modest funds.
There are a million applications for a heavy lifter that can be sold as practical reasons for adding some near term funds.
Bullet trains are real fast and needs lots of funds to be arranged for company.
Plus, it creates funds that can be used to research alternate forms of energy production besides fossil fuels.
These projects are mostly politically driven and run mainly on external money sources and subsidy other than own generated funds.
If the user falls for it, the attacker gets full access to the bank's website, and can even obscure withdrawals of funds.
There are several companies that have solved this problem and are waiting for funds to going into the production phase.
The more the government funds this the more likely it is to be subverted.
But the longer it waits to release these funds, the deeper the financial hole becomes.
In departments where service improvement has slowed, we've allocated additional funds and hired additional personnel.
As a rule, they used to spend about half of their funds on serials and half on monographs.
Affluent people who run private foundations get to direct funds toward causes that are interesting and meaningful to them.
And if they don't have a career goal, they're either raising children or raising funds.
It's no surprise that the marketing department fuels-and funds-corporate good deeds.
At the core of these problems is bribery of public officials, and officials' extortion and misappropriation of funds.
At some point it may become possible for the trusts to accept other funds.
It's mainly for people who want an independent opinion about the quality of the funds they are in.
Wu said none of the missing funds has been returned.
Exchange-traded funds are a low-cost way to invest in staples, delivering exposure to a number of companies on the cheap.
If you did not claim your funds previously you now have another opportunity to do so.
For more information about specific funds, please contact the fund managers directly.
Funds that use brokers to sell their shares typically compensate the brokers.
Millions of investors have come to rely on mutual funds as their primary investments.
When comparing similar mutual funds, lower fees can translate into better performance, according to researchers.
Although majority hedge funds state they have auditors, a significant proportion of hedge funds are not effectively audited.
Especially, dead funds are less effectively audited than live funds.
The transfer of funds by means other than paper instruments.
Investors are flocking to bond funds, hoping for generous yields and low risk.
Pension funds are getting into investing in farmland.
Hedge funds played an important role in the shift to sloppy mortgage lending.
All should be last resorts for families seeking funds to pay for college.
More likely at risk are the federal funds that colleges receive directly and dole out to students as they see fit.

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